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The NMA Blog Cup Crowns a Champion

We have a winner! How did you do?

Cup Trophy - Cup Final - Premier League
He was happy - is it how you feel? Let’s offer an honorguard to our champion!
Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

I know we’re only a third of the way into the season, but game-week 12 saw the first NMA blog-cup awarded. Thirty teams clawed their way into the final, so those were the teams who fought it out for the final.

As it happens, game-week 12 was a fairly low-scoring affair, and a lot of the finalists floundered. But as ever, there were a few stellar performances (and if you were out early but among those high scores, please brag in the comments!).

The results are below. Since it was the final, I worked out the tiebreakers for all the tied teams. But perhaps I wish I hadn’t, since it pushed my own team from joint-fourth to fifth, but I’m still pretty happy with that!

Final scores

Position Team Points Goals GA / min
Position Team Points Goals GA / min
1 183168 138.5
2 Team Galbatoreix 132.5
3 Team Enadiz2015 126
4 BK FC 120.5 4
5 The Motley Crewe 120.5 1
6 Team BrotherGreat 115.5
7 Team KenM 111.5
8 Smoke & Mirrors 106.5
9 Ledang LFC 106
10 Sir Boy United FC 101 2
11 Sparta FC 101 1
12 Team Colecole 97.5
13 JenJen11 95.5
15 Team Messi4ever 90.5
16 Lua Lua 90
17 Team 1998jjb 88
18 Paphos Toffees 86.5
19 Team Rockdelux 84 1 0.0056
20 Team Shabusen 84 1 0.0062
21 Aletico JP 81.5
22 Team JCUnited1 80
23 [TyF] Benjamin Chianti 77.5
24 Team stallexpress 76
25 Cactus Functus 71 0 0.0046
26 ArsenalVn 71 0 0.01
27 Team Iceberg_SK 69.5
28 stormTrooper84 65
30 Team tampatonz 57.5

Congratulations to the enigmatically-named team 183168, who finished the week as champion. S/he has been consistent throughout the tournament, and currently sits fourth overall in the Fantrax NMA-11 mini-league — clearly a worthy winner. Key performers in the cup’s final round were Maddison, Kane and Mee, but there were solid scores throughout the team, with only De Bruyne, Chilwell and goalkeeper E.Mendy disappointing.

In second place was Team Galbatoreix (Gauls allied with Asterix and Obelix?). This team is in 59th place in NMA-11 at the moment, but it has been steadily improving throughout the competition. If the Cup had run just a few more rounds, who knows where this team might have finished? Alex Telles was a no-show for this team in the final, and that might have been the difference: Team Galbatoreix fell short of 183168 by a mere 6 points! We can blame editor Jeff for picking Telles and casting his curse this week!

In third was Team Enadiz2015, which is the same position this squad occupies in NMA-11, so here again we see consistency. This was another team that picked Telles but otherwise had solid scores through the remainder of the roster.

Finally, on a more personal note, well done to BK FC who pipped my team (The Motley Crewe) to fourth, on the basis of goals scored. This was a case of a solidly defensive team coming well unstuck against a free-scoring team!

I hope you all enjoyed this early-season competition. I extend my congratulations to all the finalists, and especially the winner! Soon I’ll be posting details of the next cup competition I’m planning for the 2nd half of the season!


How did you do? How far did you get? Would you have won this week but for the small detail of having been eliminated in an earlier round? Please tell us about your cup run in the comments below!