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Rate Our Game-Week 12 FPL Teams: David Brian vs. PPQ

This week we’re pitting two staff members against each other. Rate their teams, and then vote for the one you think is best!

Clash of heads - FPL - Premier League
This week, David Brian and PPQ are going “head to head” in a Rate My Team duel. Whose team do you prefer?
Photo by Guido Kirchner/picture alliance via Getty Images

David Brian

For game-week 11, I had been planning to spend my one free transfer by selling Heung-Min Son to bring in Kevin De Bruyne, whom I felt was nearly imperative to own (and captain!) for the cherry home fixture with Fulham. Carrying two deadwood bench players (Niels Nkounkou and Dale Stephens) didn’t bother me much. After all, I’d still have one real-life starter in my first sub position to cover an unexpected no-show, right?

Well, wrong actually. Having just added Villan Jack Grealish to Ollie Watkins ahead of game-week 10, I was gutted to learn that Aston Villa’s game-week 11 meeting with Newcastle was postponed. With two zeroes already occupying my bench, there wasn’t room to accommodate two more.

I could have sold one of them to bring in someone who would play, but that wouldn’t leave me enough money to reach KDB, whom I desperately wanted. So I stuck with my original plan. I sold Son for the Belgian and absorbed some zeroes. This team ended up generating 66 points, which turned out to be a little better than the week’s average score of 62:

I took some goose eggs, but now I own two of Aston Villa’s best fantasy assets for the two extra games that they’ll play at some point in the dim and distant future.

Pivoting to this week, I’m not sure I’ll make any transfers at all. I’m able to field a team I like, and I don’t think I could improve it by adding the £0.1 I have in the bank to the funds generated by selling anyone (although I’d love to have Mohamed Salah this week if there were a way to finagle it).

So for now I’m thinking of rolling over my transfer and possibly making a double move for game-week 13.


Six assists and three goals for game-week 11 isn’t bad. I ended with 67 points, but I felt like it should have been more. I have brought in Jota and James Ward-Prowse. JWP has been stellar all season, and for that price, I’m glad he’s finally in the squad. I was (like many of you) disappointed in Jota. There was a part of me that worried about bringing him in last week, but my other option was Grealish, so in the end the choice was made for me.

I captained Werner which, while not horrible, wasn’t the big points boost that Kane or Son would have been. It just feels like a missed opportunity.

I’m coming into this week with a lot of uncertainty. Not so much that I’m unhappy with my team, but more like unsure what to do with the transfer.

I have £0.8 in the bank and just the one transfer. I’ve considered Timo Werner to Jamie Vardy, but Timo has a goal or assist in five of his last seven. Then I looked at removing Jota for Grealish, but Liverpool play Fulham, so I hesitate again. Jota is starting in CL play today, so that result might inform me.

I can’t get De Bruyne or Salah without a double move, so that has to wait for now.

I’m not in love with my back line, but it has been decent.

Most likely I’m going to sit on the transfer and look at a double switch next week. As a new player, the one-per-week free transfer has been the hardest thing to navigate. I’m also still figuring out price fluctuations. Dominic Calvert-Lewin at a $0.5 discount feels big, and he’s producing, but no one else has changed significantly enough to be locked in.

Here’s to hoping for a big game from Son and Kane.


How is your FPL squad shaping up for this week? What transfers are you contemplating? Are you playing a chip? Please be sure to rate these two teams in the comments, and then vote for the one you like best in the poll!



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