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EPL Game-Week 28 Pre-Deadline Chat

With four teams out this week, what last-minute trades will you make to navigate the limited choices?

Virgil van Dijk celebrates victory with Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson - Liverpool FC - Premier League
These 3 have been consistently fantastic all year. They are the top 3 scoring defenders in the new year and have another great match up. How many can you fit into your squad this week?
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


Friday 28 February


Saturday 29 February


Sunday 1 March



Great work from David Brian on the week ahead. Check it out.

I spent a little time this week looking at top players by position since the new year (both average and most points). Mostly it’s what you would expect, with a few players cracking the top 10 based on some big games. Also, many of the players in the top 10 are out this week due to injuries or fixtures being postponed.

That makes this an especially interesting week. I like weeks like this because we may see a little more differentiation (not counting Liverpool players) in the teams.

So, here are some additional thoughts based on form, trends, and looking ahead a little at fixtures.

[NOTE: Prices shown are for the NMA Fantrax XI league; YMMV.]



  • Liverpool just win in the EPL this year (although they did tie once... once) and they are @Watford.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold ($22.36), Virgil van Dijk ($13.33), and Andrew Robertson (15.56) are the best 3 defenders since the new year. They have 6 clean sheets, and put up points on the offensive end too (combined 6 assists, 6 shots on target, 28 accurate crosses, and 1 goal)
  • Mo Salah ($20.83) is the best forward since the break, with 6 goals and 2 assists. He also had a great match up again.


  • Next 3: @ Spurs, home vs Brighton, @ West Ham
  • Wolves haven’t conceded in 3 games. Spurs are missing their top scorers, but have yet to be shut out in their last 4.
  • In case you were wondering that’s exactly when Willy Boly ($4.72) returned. In his absence they only kept a clean sheet once.
  • Roman Sais ($8.33) ranks 9th in points for defenders in 2020. He has played every minute in 2020.

West Ham

  • Next 3: Home vs Southampton, @Arsenal, Home vs Wolves
  • Robert Snodgrass ($11.88) has the third most points for a midfielder since Jan 1 (and the 2 ahead of him are out this week). Yes, he has played 8 games since Jan 1, and yes he has had a few big games, but might be worth a look.
  • West Ham have given up 14 goals in their 5 games. This means, buy attackers against them. Which means you should look at….


  • Next 3: @West Ham, home to Newcastle, @ Norwich
  • Ryan Bertrand ($9.32): The Southampton defender is 7th in scoring for defenders in 2020. He has needed clean sheets for double digit points, but he has consistent put up points. Even with a 4-0 loss to Liverpool he put up 7 points.
  • Stuart Armstrong ($5.90): 3 goals in the new year. Averaging 9.67 points a game. 14th overall midfielder as in scoring and also the 2nd most shots on target this since January (behind Son).
  • Danny Ings ($16.53): Since January Ings is averaging more per game than Jimenez, Firmino, Martial, Zaha, and many others. Also… they are playing West Ham.

Leicester City

  • Next 3: @ Norwich, Home vs. Aston Villa, @ Watford
  • Harvey Barnes (10.49): 10th in the new year for midfielders. 3 goals in one less game than than the much more expensive James Maddison and is averaging double digits.
  • Ricardo Pereira 7th
  • Arozye Perez Since Jan is 8th as a mid, averaging more per game than forwards Jimenez, Firmino, Martial, Zaha, and Maxime.


  • Next 3: Home vs Manchester United, @ Chelsea, Home vs. Liverpool
  • They have been scoring goals recently, but they have a tough set of matches coming up.
  • Richarlson ($18.33): One of the hottest players in the EPL. In 2020 he has the highest point per game as a midfielder of those playing this weekend. Yes, you read that correctly. But it’s a tough run of games so I’m not sure he’s worth the price.
  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin ($12.22): He continues to score goals. Most shots on target and goals since Jan. 1 of anyone playing this week.

Manchester United

  • Next 3: @ Everton, home vs Manchester City, @ Spurs
  • Not a great set of games coming up.
  • 4 out of 7 games in 2002 have been clean sheets. Harry Maguire ($11.67) and Aaron Wan-Bissaka ($12.71) rank 5th and 6th in scoring in the new year for defenders.


What changes are you making at the wire? Holding onto any blanks for the week? Please share your thoughts along with any late-breaking news in the comments!