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Virtual Pub Live Chat: Socializing from a Distance

Is self-isolation making you feel lonely and blue? Drop in to NMA’s virtual pub and enjoy the online company of your NMA mates!

football fans drink beers in The Three Pigeons pub in Halifax, northern England
Game-day gatherings at real pubs are on hold, but our online tavern is open for business!
Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images

The global coronavirus pandemic has brought the English Premier League (and much of life in general) to a screeching halt, with all games suspended until at least April 30th. Worse, “social distancing” prevents us from even gathering in public places to commiserate the absence of our weekly footie fix.

But we shouldn’t allow physical separation to isolate us socially. In these dark times we need the company of others more than ever. As we bunker-down and fort-up and look askance in an effort to avoid the virus, NMA offers a perfect platform to connect with familiar friends and keep in touch with the world beyond our front doors.

So belly up to the virtual bar and raise a real glass as we enjoy the camaraderie of friends from around the globe despite the distance between us.


So what beverages do you have on tap (or in bottles)? Which are you starting with as you enter the NMA Pub? Are you well enough stocked to outlast a lengthy siege? What provision will likely send you to the store next?

And on the football front, what news have you heard? If it were up to you, how would you handle the resumption and completion of the EPL season?

Cheers, and let’s chat!