NMA FF Player Game - Test your EPL knowledge !

How many current 2020 season EPL players can you find hidden in this ridiculous story ?

Leave your answers in "comments" below ...

The first one to find the correct number will win a prize offered by KM… :)


Old Testament Abraham sacrificed his sons, Kane and Abel - young men dying for a fanatical man, evil enough to terminate his own kin - and why ?

Was he, like us FF managers, trying to surmount the farce of a repetitive working life?!

We are all on the long march towards the end of our innings, so we choose, instead of such wild extremes, to dream of sunny lands and being awarded max bonus points in EPL (now played a lot globally), which cancel out the boredom… But Jesus ! That’s understandable isn’t it ? That in a grossly selfish system we can just try bullshitting, smarting from the appalling bribes of our manipulators, and to make our weeks fuller with FF ?

No roses arrive for the meek, so let’s enjoy our leisure time while we can, with our competitive and original game with it’s one-to-one battles, whilst our leaders - with the heat on them and embodying martial law - go out on bail, lying about anything they choose to.

So how not to be involved ? Perhaps learn vegan cooking, etcetra, or even buy a gun dog and go for long walks in grey tribal docklands ? Drink water or Hennessey XO Cognac ?

Are we just on target to become brain-dead with our joy shawn away ? No, we can escape this rat-race just in time by joining a FF league !

(And bravo for VAR dying out in the future !!)

© Paulyff 2020 FF season