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NMA Virtual Pub Live Chat: Fingers crossed

Done with your daily rituals and have nothing to do on a Saturday night? Grab your drink and a seat, and let’s chat!

Also, what’s up with Philippe Coutinho’s future now? Staying at Bayern, call back from Barcelona or another club in England, again? What do you think?!?
Photo by CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP via Getty Images

The global coronavirus pandemic has no understanding of the concept of a half-time break, as the confirmed number of infections worldwide has surpassed 2.25 million, while at least 156,000 people across 193 countries have sadly passed away, according to a Johns Hopkins University tally (to put that in perspective, a world of 8Bn sees at least 300,000 deaths per day from all causes).

Just a day ago, the UK became the sixth country in the world to cross 1,00,000 cases of coronavirus infection, joining the USA, Italy, Spain, France and Germany as the other five to cross that sad landmark.

More than half of the world’s population is now under lock-down conditions in a global effort to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic. Since we don’t have any live action from the world of football, or in any sports at all for that matter, we can always speculate on the future that lies ahead and share our thoughts no matter how ridiculous they sound; be it a theory or a concept about anything in general.

These are dark times for all of us, and we are stuck inside our homes, and minds too, but we can hunt each other for company (not in person, of course) to just hear someone out or have a friendly debate as we hope for a favorable outcome to emerge — there shall always be light in the tunnel!

For instance, the channels that delivered EPL content are filling the void with related offerings — often classic past matches or goals-of-the-season fare. I can think of worse ways to spend an hour or two than by binge-watching wonder-goals.

As always, we’re opening our Virtual Pub Live Chat so we can all have our very own pub session. So join us here, grab your drinks, and say cheers to the future! Also, Newcastle United?!


How is the quarantine life treating you? What have you been doing in the current dynamics we are in? What do you think about Newcastle potentially taking over the world? How do you think the Premier League should wrap-up the 2019-20 season? Any player you think might switch clubs; such as Jaden Sancho or Paul Pogba whenever the transfer window opens? Is it just me or are you addicted to FIFA’s FUT 20 a bit more now? Let’s talk and stay safe guys!