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NMA Virtual Pub Live Chat: There is hope yet

If you’re struggling with cabin fever or just fancy some good company, then join us in the NMA Virtual Pub to discuss the latest hot topics

Pints of freshly poured Guinness, poured from the back of The Hatfield House bar’s converted delivery van, settle before being delivered to a customers’ front door, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on April 16, 2020.
With the summer fast approaching, will a “pub-on-wheels” become the next big thing?
Photo by PAUL FAITH/AFP via Getty Images

Welcome back to the NMA Virtual Pub!

Firstly, some recent and positive news: Following from the EPL meeting, it was announced that the Premier League clubs are committed in finishing this season; with other leagues around the world looking at cancelling their leagues, this defiant attitude from the EPL is certainly a reason to raise a glass. Of course, the logistics of this are to still be figured out and are up in the air whilst multiple options are looked into; although the fact these are being touted and discussed in detail is a reason to be cheerful.

So in the interest of good times and staying positive, the NMA Virtual Pub is open! Cheers!


Have you been keeping up-to-date with your FPL team and using weekly transfers?

Have there been any real-world transfer rumors that you feel will materialize?

Which players will be “fit as a fiddle” when the season resumes? Who will be left behind?

Please share with us in the comments, and tell us what yer drinkin’!