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NMA Virtual Pub Live Chat: Football Weekend

Join us with your drink because Bundesliga returns this weekend. Let’s chat!

FC Bayern Muenchen mit Paulaner Bier
Whom are you most excited to watch play?
Photo by Alexandra Beier/Bongarts/Getty Images

Some say it’s an experiment, and some say it’s controversial and risky with the stakes higher than ever!

With every top-flight football league either on hold or abandoned for the season due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Bundesliga seems certain to gain viewership and take the center of the stage on Saturday.

The world will be watching the German football league this weekend as it becomes the first major European league to return. It’s about time we get to watch our favourite sport after more than two months out.

Despite the country with over 175,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and around 7,700 lives taken, Germany’s Football Association (DFB) has worked closely with league organizers (DFL) for all the safety protocols to be implemented to protect those involved in the game. The Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and others will watch closely as the Germans offer a blueprint to restart pro sports.

German top-flight league consistently attracts an average of 43,000 people per match, but only around 322 will be able to attend matches for the remainder of the nine fixtures left with matches to be played behind closed doors.

Only 92 to 98 people will be allowed on the pitch, including the players, referees, coaches, ball boys, cameraman with 115 on the stands who are media journalists, hygiene experts and emergency services, while the 109 outside will be security guards and police officials.

The final nine rounds of games will run over six weeks, aiming to finish the season before 30 June. On the pitch, handshakes are banned, celebrations are limited with no human contact, and there will be no team photos. And yes, no mascots either.

However, we will get to see some of world’s biggest names get back to work providing home-bound fans with a much-needed outlet in such a miserable time, which is why it’s an exciting time for all.

We will witness a derby day between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke on Saturday with Bayern Munich to face Union Berlin on Sunday. Then see Monday night football of Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen as well. Relegation battles, European spots and, of course, the mid-table battle will all be ready for action.

On the other hand, The Premier League may possibly restart behind closed doors from June 1 with training to start with strict protocol from next week. Spain’s La Liga has confirmed the return to action in June with players already reaching out to train on the pitch since May 3, while the Italian Serie A clubs have voted and aims to begin the league on the June 13 as the government approval is still pending.

It will be a different kind of football that we are not used to watching and with the Bundesliga restarting, I just hope the best for the safety of all the people involved in such a massive step forward, and in bringing some kind of ‘normality’ to the world during such cruel times. I’m praying everybody else a good health as well. Let’s say cheers on that!


Have you been using your FPL free transfers? Which player, team or fixture are you to excited to watch? Do you think players can compete without fans cheering? Is it going to be weird without any background noises? How do you think the strict protocols will affect the game? What’s your overall view on the entire situation in general?

Please join us! Please get a glass of your drink and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!