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NMA Virtual Pub Live Chat: Return of the Footie

The EPL may not be here just yet, but your friends at NMA are. Join the NMA faithful in the FPL & Fantrax virtual pub to raise a glass and discuss the latest breaking news in the EPL!

Nike Ball is sprayed with disinfectant - Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League
A familiar sight across the EPL Training Grounds, with training having recently returned.
Photo by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC/Getty Images

Welcome back to the FPL & Fantrax virtual pub at NMA!

Following on from the Bundesliga’s recent return behind closed doors, the EPL is starting to move, much to the delight of many. With the EPL Chiefs committed to finishing the season, we now have a proposed EPL restart date of 17th June, which is currently subject to government approval. Of course, the safety of the players and staff is the most important consideration, with the season to resume only when all safety requirements have been satisfied. The first two fixtures on the evening of the 17th June would be Aston Villa v Sheffield United & Manchester City v Arsenal.

This follows on from the clubs having already returned to training. The latest news is that clubs will now move onto stage-two of training, which allows for contact. Testing for COVID-19 amongst staff and players is set to continue, with 4 players & staff having recently tested positive for the virus.

The prospect of being able to watch EPL games once more is certainly welcome and exciting news; however, it’s fair to say that watching the games behind closed doors will take some getting used to (though being able to listen in on players and coaches communicating... very interesting!)

Additionally, there is ongoing discussion of some EPL games being played at neutral venues, the police having expressed grave concerns that fans will congregate outside stadiums of prominent fixtures (Me, I’d be in a pub or the comfort of my own home theatre with friends — what kind of low-grade morons do the police expect where there’s no beer anyway?).

With that said, we have plenty to discuss. The doors of the FPL & Fantrax virtual pub are now open!


How will playing behind closed doors affect the style of play? Which teams will thrive? Is the proposed return too soon? Or is it justified? Please join us in comment section and let us know your thoughts!