Blog Cup round 3 - at last!

Hello all,

So week 30 finally comes round, and just to remind you, it is the third round of the Blog Cup. Here is the draw - I haven't checked, but hopefully all these teams are still there and still active!

FC FLP - intheorist v Team Rockdelux
Disco Argyle FC v Team c444si
Team DevilinRed v Team OGL1
Team Colecole v The BK FC
Magnificent 11 v Team stallexpress
FC BAUTISTA v Sir Boy United FC
Team AddisBuna v The Mod Squad
Whithy Dragons v Team paulys_dreamteam
Team nikarg v Team redstoglory
JFDI v Team stormtrooper84
Team saxo v Allez Allez Allez
CaliforniaDreamin v Team wengc1980
183168 v Team Captaingerrard
Team Baziu v YourArsenal
NK Majmuni v AKGooners19-20
yewy v FC Peppy

Good luck everyone!