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GW 31 Pre-Deadline and Live Chat

Three straight days of football, including a chance for Liverpool to claim the title! Check in for updates and last minute thoughts!

Everton FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League
What a week back! Drama. History. Solidarity.
Photo by Peter Powell/Pool via Getty Images

Most weeks from here on out are going to be short weeks, so navigating injuries, rotations, and team news is essential for finishing the year strong. Here’s a quick look and some final thoughts to kick off Week 31!

Great stuff on Fantrax players picks here and FPL here in case you missed those.

Tuesday 23 June 2020

  • Leicester vs Brighton: You should have seen the lineups before this one starts. Last game. Brighton showed up strong against the Gunners, but Leicester have things to play for.
  • Tottenham vs West Ham: Spurs find themselves in 8th place. Harry Kane is back, and one has to think he needed a game to get his scoring boots back. Will he find the back of the net this game? West Ham are only point differential away from the relegation zone. They give up double the goals on the road and they gave up 2 to Wolves while home. Did I mention Kane is back?

Wednesday 24 June 2020

  • Manchester United vs Sheffield United: This is a game with serious European ramifications. Sheffield have to feel a bit aggrieved over the goal that wasn’t. But finishing in the top 5 was never going to be easy. This game is massive. Looking forward to Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes having a full (ish) game together.
  • Newcastle vs Aston Villa: Aston Villa haven’t won in 6 games, and only one of those was a draw. Newcastle don’t have much to play for at this point, but looked solid in their restart game and have some interesting differential picks available.
  • Norwich vs Everton: Norwich are still mathematically able to stay up, but with a 0-3 loss at home last game, the reality does not look good. Everton were steady against Liverpool and created chances, which will be potentially more plentiful against the leaky Norwich backline.
  • Wolves vs Bournemouth: Wolves continue to impress. Adame Traore come on at the 65th minute to bring Wolves the victory. Have to think he will start, which makes Raul Jimenez and company more dangerous going forward. Bournemouth desperately need the win in the tight race at the bottom of the table.
  • Liverpool vs Crystal Palace: Is this the day that Liverpool clinches the title? Liverpool have been perfect at home. Mo Salah was completely rested. But don’t expect Crystal Palace to roll over, as they have 4 straight wins and 4 straight clean sheets.

Thursday 25 June 2020

  • Burnley vs Watford: Burnley did not show well against City, and they need players back from injury or it will be a rough rest of the season, even though they stand safely bid table. Watford need a win and scraped out a point against Leicester. They need at least a point on the road, where they have struggled this year.
  • Southampton vs Arsenal: Arsenal did not have a good restart, in fact these two games might have set them back with the injuries sustained, especially Bernd Leno, who had been a rock for them. Danny Ings continues to score and with the changes in the back for Arsenal, this one could be interesting.
  • Chelsea vs Manchester City: Chelsea are clinging to 4th place, and even though City are mostly playing for pride, they have looked dangerous going forward. No Sergio Aguero for City means more opportunities for others. It’s a great way to end match week 31!


Any last minute changes? With so much rotation, how confident are you feeling about your lineup? Will Liverpool take the title at home? Please share your plans in the Comments below!