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NMA “FPL & Fantrax” Virtual Pub Live Chat: Get Ready

Time to wake up! The EPL is returning to action, so you should too!

Goalkeeper kicks the ball - Premier League
The EPL kicks off the rest of its season in just eleven days. Time to get ready!
Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

The English Premier League’s interrupted season is set to restart in just eleven days, and the league has now posted fixture dates for the first 32 of the remaining 92 matches. We open, of course, with a double game week for Manchester City, Arsenal, Sheffield United, and Aston Villa.

Please note that although the Fantasy Premier League has confirmed the boundaries for GW 30, they have not yet done so for any others. But below is how the games are expected to lay out (and Fantrax commish Jeff assures us that this is exactly how NMA’s Fantrax leagues have already been fixed for GW 30-32):


Double Game Week 30

Wednesday 17 June

  • Aston Villa v Sheffield United
  • Manchester City v Arsenal

Friday 19 June

Saturday 20 June

Sunday 21 June

Monday 22 June


Game Week 31

Tuesday 23 June

  • Leicester v Brighton
  • Tottenham v West Ham

Wednesday 24 June

  • Manchester United v Sheffield United
  • Newcastle v Aston Villa
  • Norwich v Everton
  • Wolves v Bournemouth
  • Liverpool v Crystal Palace

Thursday 25 June

  • Burnley v Watford
  • Southampton v Arsenal
  • Chelsea v Manchester City


Game Week 32

Saturday 27 June

  • Aston Villa v Wolves

Sunday 28 June

  • Watford v Southampton

Monday 29 June

  • Crystal Palace v Burnley

Tuesday 30 June

  • Brighton v Manchester United

Wednesday 1 July

  • Arsenal v Norwich
  • Bournemouth v Newcastle
  • Everton v Leicester
  • West Ham v Chelsea

Thursday 2 July

  • Sheffield United v Tottenham
  • Manchester City v Liverpool


Obviously the league is condensing these fixtures into a compressed time frame in order to complete the 2019-20 campaign without spilling into next season. Indeed, during those first three (provisional) game weeks, the league is only taking two days off from match play!

That means it’s time to shrug off any lockdown-induced apathy you’ve developed toward your fantasy squads and refocus on finishing strong. Once matches start back up, the pace is going to be dizzying.

But as always, we at NMA will be here with all the team news and management advice you’ve come to count on to setup your fantasy squads for success. In the upcoming days we’ll post articles detailing the lessons fantasy managers can learn from the Bundesliga’s restart, as well as strategies for using your remaining FPL chips (you still have some left, right?).

And then, beginning a week from today, NMA readers will see our famous Player Picks articles for both Fantrax and FPL ahead of June 17th’s transfer deadline, for which we will also have our familiar Pre-Deadline Chat and Game-Week Live Chat.

After that, of course, we careen directly into the next set of matches, which will begin a regular pattern of the customary weekend slates bracketing full rafts of mid-week fixtures. We’re also monitoring developments from the Champions League and will provide full fantasy coverage of that competition when it resumes as well.

So hold on to your hats, folks. Fantasy footie is back, and it’s going to be a wild ride!


How long has it been since you adjusted your fantasy squads? When was the last time you even looked at them? What transfers are you considering ahead of Double Game Week 30? Will you use any FPL chips? Grab your favorite beverage and share the strategies and tactics you are contemplating as the curtain lifts on the rest of the campaign.