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NMA Cup Qualifying: Round 1 Results + Round 2 Draw

Spectators standing at the perimeter fence during the Extra Preliminary Round between Daisy Hill and Colne - New Sirs, Westhoughton - FA Cup
Our lowest-ranked teams are in play
Photo by Colin McPherson/Getty Images

With the completion of week 20, the scores are in for the first qualifying round of the cup. This featured only the 28 lowest-ranked teams in the Fantrax NMA-11 league, so I expect most if not all are not being actively managed. Some of these teams nonetheless posted some decent scores, with one scoring in the top 20 for the week overall (Team jberdoza). 125 points was a pretty good score this week, and this was achieved even when playing Tariq Lamptey and Raul Jiminez. It just goes to show that in a cup competition, even these low-ranked teams can be dangerous!

Chance also put together the two teams who finished with the two lowest scores of the week - with a COMBINED total of 43.5 points! That was a seven player team (Warrior 13) pitted against a four player team (FC Bautista) for a memorable 25.5 to 18 point win.

Here are the results:

Qualifying Round 1 results

Team Score : Score Team
Team Score : Score Team
Team VITEL 40.5 : 125 Team jberdoza
Team alfarac 54.5 : 62.5 I AM VERY BAD
Highlanders 43.5 : 53.5 chelsa
Sundy 55.5 : 95 Team Tykk
THKSFIGHT 89 : 66.5 Maxinn FC
Warrior 13 25.5 : 18 FC Bautista
Wednesday23 89.5 : 42 Shamz
Azhlebfc 40.5 : 36 Team Matty0099
McCain's Bane 43 : 41 Team jdillon
FLORIDA 72.5 : 63.5 Team Frenchy_OM
Appleby fc 51 : 52 Mandamus
Team elliot92 56 : 64 Super Mane
MINNESOTA MACHINE 46 : 72.5 Team sean_mck23
SUNNYCOOLFC 42.5 : 63 Team Dhebson

The cup has game-week 21 off, and then Qualifying Round 2 will take place in game-week 22. This will involve the winners of qualifying round 1 along with all the remaining ‘non-league’ qualifying teams (from qualifying position 93 onwards). I expect the competition to toughen up accordingly. Here is the random draw:

Qualifying Round 2 Fixtures

Team v Team
Team v Team
ArsenalVn v Azhlebfc
Voetbal FC v Mykonos Nut Shots
The Wycombe Blokes v Team Dhebson
FLORIDA v Warrior 13
Team Kavedas v I AM VERY BAD
THKSFIGHT v Team Nobblers
Makhai v Team saxo
Karmakaze Squirrels v Team Antonious
Team Tykk v TEAM MATT
Real Ale Madrid v chelsa
Team GoalFather v Team rmounce
Team Ras_Taf v Genesis United
Smokey's Dogs of War v FC Easton
Viduka's bar & Grill v [TyF] Ragasaki
OnHisWayAllez v Rooney's Goonies
Team mbasoke v COURTEOUS FC
Team g9efthymios v McCain's Bane
Mandamus v WillianZohore
Kings fc v [TyF] Kiamme
G-concept v Team jberdoza
Team nasro v stormTrooper84
Super Mane v Team Pikey666
Team TennisBone v Team G2FC
Wednesday23 v Team intheorist
Team sean_mck23 v Team mm5000
Team LatchKeyKid v Gyimah
Team CathalDonnelly v Muddy FC
HardasChuck v Team 3timelucky
Winning Dalot v Spoonthumb FC
Team bergkamper v Finding Timo

Well done to those teams who made it through qualifying round 1, and good luck to all the teams in qualifying round 2!


Did your team make it through? Are you in the next round and if so, how does your draw look? Is anyone willing to admit being knocked out already? If so, then reclaim your bragging points whenever you score above a plurality of remaining competitors in the coming Cup weeks.