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NMA Blog Cup 2021 - The winner is announced

20 teams qualified, but there’s only one winner!

United States of America v Netherlands : Final - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France
We have a winner!
Photo by Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Offside via Getty Images

What a week to choose for the final of the 2021 NMA Blog Cup! GW-18 was hit badly by Covid-19 postponements, and all of the competing teams were significantly affected. They needed to juggle between preserving big discounts versus the desire to pick up a big score for the final. Of course there is only one winner, and what an impressive winner it was!

In a week where many teams failed to put out 11 players (and some had significantly fewer), there were more scores of less than 50 points among the 20 finalists than there were scores over 100. Only three of the 20 teams managed to post scores over 100, and the winner was an outstanding 32 points ahead of second. This is the equivalent of winning a final 5-0!

Here are the results in full

Blog Cup Final

Cup position League position Team Round score Total score
Cup position League position Team Round score Total score
1 7 Team MIFFY_FC 140 1812.5
2 58 Team redstoglory 108 1594
3 24 Team SouthHorizons 105 1704.5
4 2 Team JenJen11 97.5 1874
5 15 Team DavidBrian 93 1760.5
6 5 EPL GALACTICO'S 89.5 1838
7 18 [TyF] SAROMAGDEN84 85 1744
8 47 Alehouse WAGs 84 1634
8 4 Team stallexpress 84 1841.5
10 32 OGZ Hall Of Fame 83.5 1684.5
11 32 Smoke & Mirrors 78 1684.5
12 23 Team Colecole 77.5 1711.5
13 43 Team Openworldgrady 74.5 1653.5
14 57 Fantastic XI 69 1595.5
15 6 Shock The Monkey 68 1814.5
16 35 Ledang LFC 56 1678
17 92 Bottlers 44.5 1445.5
18 70 Team taquito 43.5 1554
19 38 Team OGL1 41 1668.5
20 68 2NE1 40.5 1558.5

So many congratulations to Team MIFFY_FC, the NMA Blog Cup 2021 winner with a league-leading 140 points for the week.

How? Well, the team played 10 men for one thing, keeping a hefty discount on CR7. The two star players were Martinelli and Zinchenko, but there were also double-digit contributions from Ederson, TAA, Tierney, Odegaard and Lacazette. This was a really well-balanced team that scored well almost everywhere.

In second place was Team redstoglory with 108 points. This squad had Cancelo to thank for a large portion of the score but only nine players fielded, and one of them earned zero, so it could have been closer.

In third place was Team SouthHorizons at 105 points. A rarity for the week in having 11 players, sadly a few of them earned well below expectations, especially Salah with a scant +2 points.

Well done to all the 20 finalists, it was quite an achievement even to make it this far. One final shout out to the bloggers, four of whom made it to the final. Coming out on top in this little battle was David, whose Team DavidBrian finished 5th overall with 93 points. I suspect we may hear more on this in the comments!

There is now a short pause between cups before we start the NMA-11 Cup which is run on a head-to-head basis starting in GW-22. Similar the English FA cup, teams higher up the league table qualify to enter later in the competition, so get your team as high as possible over the next two weeks. Qualifying positions will be taken from the standings as at the end of GW-20. If you want to see more details on how this works, please look at my September post about the cups.

How did you fare? Were you one of the finalists or even the winner? We’d love to hear from you. Were you well placed this week but eliminated in a previous round? That would be me for one, I’d have finished fourth overall. Please let us know in the comments.

How did you feel about the way the cup was run? Could I have done anything better? Again, please let me know in the comments below.