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NMA Cup Qualifying Round 2 Results + Round 1 Draw

Lee Chappell taking a long throw - Wealdstone FC - FA Trophy Final
The ‘non-league’ teams fight it out for a place in the main draw
Photo by Colin McPherson/Corbis via Getty Images

Game-week 22 was qualifying round 2 of the NMA cup, with the surviving ‘non-league’ teams aiming to make it to round 1 proper, where they can meet with the ‘league 1’ and ‘league 2’ teams. There were some outstanding performances from these lowly-ranked teams, with several scoring over 130 points and one (ITUSXI) scoring an impressive 168.5 points.

As ever with a random draw, there were some close matches. The closest saw Smokey’s Dogs of War defeat FC Easton by half a point. There were a couple of one-point victories too, but no ties. The unluckiest team of the round was probably Team Ras_Taf who lost to Genesis United despite scoring 137.5.

Here are the results in full:

Qualifying Round 2 results

Team Score : Score Team
Team Score : Score Team
ArsenalVn 104.5 : 73.5 Azhlebfc
Voetbal FC 57 : 102 Mykonos Nut Shots
The Wycombe Blokes 77 : 130.5 Team Dhebson
FLORIDA 83 : 82 Warrior 13
Team Kavedas 135.5 : 65.5 I AM VERY BAD
THKSFIGHT 110.5 : 113.5 Team Nobblers
Makhai 130.5 : 102 Team saxo
Karmakaze Squirrels 114 : 86 Team Antonious
Team Tykk 41 : 134.5 TEAM MATT
Real Ale Madrid 97.5 : 16 chelsa
Team GoalFather 102.5 : 103.5 Team rmounce
Team Ras_Taf 137.5 : 144 Genesis United
Smokey's Dogs of War 76 : 75.5 FC Easton
F1 Aces 76.5 : 108 GREGORY
Viduka's bar & Grill 130.5 : 94.5 [TyF] Ragasaki
OnHisWayAllez 98.5 : 60.5 Rooney's Goonies
Team mbasoke 104.5 : 157 COURTEOUS FC
Team g9efthymios 100.5 : 46 McCain's Bane
Mandamus 70 : 121 WillianZohore
KOLLER 68 : 168.5 ITUSXI
Kings fc 126.5 : 98 [TyF] Kiamme
G-concept 133.5 : 61.5 Team jberdoza
Team nasro 144 : 91.5 stormTrooper84
Super Mane 90.7 : 95 Team Pikey666
Team TennisBone 129 : 108 Team G2FC
Wednesday23 123 : 66 Team intheorist
Team sean_mck23 82.5 : 109.5 Team mm5000
Team LatchKeyKid 110 : 119.5 Gyimah
Team CathalDonnelly 98.5 : 109 Muddy FC
HardasChuck 71 : 93.5 Team 3timelucky
Winning Dalot 149.5 : 33.5 Spoonthumb FC
Team bergkamper 158 : 108.5 Finding Timo

Well done to the winners, who are now joined in the competition by those ranked 45-92 at the start of the competition, designated as league 1 and 2 teams. There are 80 teams at this stage of the competition; they will fight it out over the next two rounds to be the 20 who will join those ranked 1-44. I see a few recognizable teams in this list, so I hope you’ll want to comment on how you think your draw looks.

Here is the Round 1 draw. I’ve left the league ‘designation’ in so that you can see how much pressure you are under to make it through:

NMA Cup Round 1 draw

Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Qual league Team v Team Qual league
League 1 BK FC v Team xlstep League 2
Non-League Winning Dalot v Karmakaze Squirrels Non-League
Non-League Viduka's bar & Grill v Real Ale Madrid Non-League
Non-League GREGORY v Team Kavedas Non-League
League 1 Whithy Dragons v BOOMSHAKALAKAS League 2
League 2 IHUC14 v JenJen11 League 1
League 2 JFDI v Team Xyrophobia League 2
League 2 Team taquito v OnHisWayAllez Non-League
League 2 Peace v Team tampatonz League 2
Non-League Kings fc v Team goodgrief League 2
Non-League Team 3timelucky v Team lifo League 2
League 1 DISCO ARGYLE v Team DavidBrian League 2
Non-League Team TennisBone v TEAM MATT Non-League
Non-League Team mm5000 v Team Nobblers Non-League
League 1 PPQ v [TyF] CutThroat Piranhas League 2
League 2 Team DevilinRed v Team ivangyc League 2
League 1 Team Baziu v Team Ntang00 League 2
League 1 Team Rockdelux v Team GMcDTest League 2
League 1 Team Hooligans_United v Team bergkamper Non-League
League 1 Buitre v WillianZohore Non-League
League 2 Team wengc1980 v ITUSXI Non-League
Non-League Team rmounce v Ultimate AGFC League 1
League 1 Team Stijnen v Team Dhebson Non-League
Non-League Mykonos Nut Shots v Gyimah Non-League
Non-League Team Pikey666 v Genesis United Non-League
League 1 Team Prices_went_Crazy v Smokey's Dogs of War Non-League
League 1 Lua Lua v Hall_Of_Fame League 2
League 1 Team Galbatoreix v Muddy FC Non-League
Non-League G-concept v Team Arde League 2
League 1 MIFFY_FC v Tolaria League 1
League 1 Young Lions FA v ArsenalVn Non-League
League 1 Cactus Functus v Team Shocking League 2
League 1 Team chago v ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ League 2
League 1 Shamrock Brigade v Makhai Non-League
League 1 Team paulys_dreamteam v FLORIDA Non-League
League 1 Bravo United v Team AddisBuna League 1
League 2 Team aerol v Team msneezie31 League 1
League 2 GoGreen v COURTEOUS FC Non-League
Non-League Team nasro v Team c444si League 2
Non-League Team g9efthymios v Wednesday23 Non-League

Best of luck to all those teams taking part in Round 1, which will happen in DGW-24 (Burnley, Fulham, Everton & Manchester City), so you may want to look ahead and start preparing your teams for it!


Are you through - or are you joining at Round 1? Let us know how you feel about your draw and what your hopes are! How will you play DGW-24 knowing the cup is on?