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Fantrax NMA Cup Round 3 Draw

We’re down to the last 64 teams now — Is that you?

Cup Trophy - FA Cup Final
Is the trophy in sight yet?
Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

GW-28 will see round 3 of the NMA Cup, and in line with the FA cup, this is the point where the ‘big’ teams join the competition. So everyone who qualified in the top 44 places (the ‘Premier League’ and ‘Championship’ teams) joins the 20 teams who survived the two qualifying rounds and the first two rounds proper. No team from the first qualifying round remains, but there are still six ‘non-league’ teams, all no doubt itching to pull off upsets.

The random draw has thrown up some interesting-looking fixtures:

Round 3 draw

Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Championship Team 1998jjb v Smoke & Mirrors Premier
Championship Team anhson1980 v Am Championship
League 1 JenJen11 v Team Arde League 2
Non-League Team mm5000 v Team Bondlam Championship
League 1 Team Hooligans_United v Team Shabusen Championship
League 2 Peace v velvet underground allstars Championship
Non-League Gyimah v Pigs FC Championship
Championship Alehouse WAGs v Team KenM Championship
Premier FC Lenivi babraci v Fantastic XI Championship
Premier Galacticos v cincyman Championship
League 1 Team Rockdelux v Whithy Dragons League 1
Premier Team sakiv v Sir Boy United FC Premier
Championship Team redstoglory v 183168 Premier
Premier Team Chris_Manfredi v Team Iceberg_SK Championship
Premier Team stallexpress v Aletico JP Championship
Premier Sparta FC v Young Lions FA League 1
Non-League Smokey's Dogs of War v Team Captaingerrard Premier
Championship The Motley Crewe v Paphos Toffees Championship
League 1 Tolaria v TEAM MATT Non-League
Championship Shock The Monkey v Genesis United Non-League
Championship [TyF] Benjamin Chianti v Team taquito League 2
League 1 Team paulys_dreamteam v EPL GALACTICO'S Championship
Premier [TyF] Ozdal City* v Team KostasHotspurs Championship
Premier Team Enadiz2015 v Team OGL1 Championship
League 2 Team DevilinRed v Team 3timelucky Non-League
Premier Team minhtruong v Jay Spearing Reborn Again Premier
Premier Team JCUnited1 v yewy Premier
Championship HELLENIC POWER v Team Stijnen League 1
Premier Team Colecole v Buitre League 1
Championship Team geneeyow v Team BrotherGreat Premier
Premier Ledang LFC v Team BlueBloodedx Championship

Perhaps the most noteworthy fixture, and I am sure the one that will generate the most noise, pits Blog editor Jeff’s Alehouse WAGs against the blog’s most prolific poster Ken M’s Team KenM. Can the mercurial Ken pick a team that will shine?

The lowest-ranked team (based on qualifying position) is Team 3timelucky, who now gets to play Team DevilinRed. Perhaps the fact that they’ve already won through three rounds will go against them with a name like that!

The current league leader, and the team who qualified in first place and ALSO the winner of the early season Blog Cup is 183168. Their opponent is Team redstoglory who will really have to excel themselves based on previous performance. 183168 currently leads the second placed team in the league by 136.6 points and the third placed team by 206.5 points. Remarkably, they have finished in the weekly top ten on eight occasions, three times having the largest score of the week. They are formidable opponents, but in a head to head competition, you can never be sure!


Are you in the draw, and how does it look for your team? Please let us know in the comments how you’re doing and let’s see if we can generate some rivalry here!