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FPL GW-28: Rate My Team

Pep Guardiola - Manchester City - Premier League
Who will have the last laugh?
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Game-week 28 presents me with multiple dilemmas. Barnes is out injured at Leicester, plus West Ham United and Burnley face tough fixtures, so my hopes for big points are in the hands of Pep and his team selection. Will Sterling, Gundogan, and Cancelo play? I have more hope of winning the lottery than working out Manchester City’s lineup, but I am placing my captain armband on Sterling due to the fixture and his ceiling for points being higher than anyone else in my squad.

I would have put it on Salah, but his recent form hasn’t been that great, and Liverpool themselves have been extremely poor (domestically anyway). Salah used to be my go-to guy, my Captain America (or Captain Egypt?). Think what Captain America can do with just a shield, but he and Liverpool have recently looked like a mere shadow of the greatness that won the Premiership last season.

I will at some point transfer from Sterling to KDB who is more likely to start. Having three Man City players is not good for my health; my heart can’t take this level of anticipation and disappointment. I feel like an emotional volcano ready to blow any minute. These last couple weeks' point totals have not helped, but this week I am practicing my relaxation techniques in preparation, so I hope to be more chill when the team sheets are released.

Today's hit may become tomorrow’s victory, and in this game week, I am not going to make any transfers as there’s no stand out fixture, and I’m eyeing game week 29 when only eight teams are playing. Having two transfers in the bank will be a great help.


FPL Team Screenshot


What do you think of my team? Do I need to use a transfer this week? How is your team shaping up before Friday’s deadline? Please share in the comments!