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Fantrax NMA Blog Cup Round 3 results

32 teams make it through — Have you?

Jon Otsemobor of MK Dons is mobbed by team mates - FA Cup
The winners are celebrating — is that Ken in there?
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Week 28 saw the round 3 NMA cup matches played, and what a week it was! Many managers suffered badly from rotation, especially by Manchester City, while others benefited hugely from Leicester City’s demolition of Sheffield United. As a result, scores diverged widely, but being a head to head competition, scoring well or badly was not a guarantee of success or failure. The scores of the competing teams ranged from 34.5 to 132. 15 of the 64 competitors managed a score of 80 or more, yet 3 of those lost their pairings. Interestingly, although this round saw nearly all of the teams ranked highest in the league taking part, only two of the six scores of over 100 came from teams still in the competition.

Pigs PC can consider themselves fortunate, scraping by with the lowest winning score in a 54.5 : 50.5 win over Gyimah. On the other hand Buitre were rather unfortunate, losing 83.5 : 90.5 against high-flying Team Colecole. Congratulations to cup specialists Team stallexpress who posted the highest score among the competitors, comprehensively beating Aletico JP 132 : 41.5. The league leaders 183168 continued their dominance, with a 91.5 : 80.5 win over Team redstoglory.

In the much heralded (and much commented upon) match up between prolific posters, Ken’s Team Ken M and blog editor Jeff’s Alehouse WAGs, it was Ken’s team who prevailed 82 : 70.5. Of course, Jeff is also league commish, so by the time this piece has been edited, it is possible that the result will have changed! Just to demonstrate the even-handedness of the competition, my own team The Motley Crewe fell at its first hurdle, an in-form Paphos Toffees, losing 79.5 : 101, even though goals scored by the team went 3:1 in my favor. How did I manage to arrange the draw so that I came up against one of only two teams to break 100?!

Looking at the rankings of the teams still involved, there is now one ‘non league’ team left, Smokey’s Dogs of War who defeated ‘Premier League’ opponent Team Captaingerrard by 87 : 60.5. Well done to them, and can they keep the run going?

Here are the results in full:

Round 3 results

Qual league Team Score : Score Team Qual league
Qual league Team Score : Score Team Qual league
Championship Team 1998jjb 75 : 67 Smoke & Mirrors Premier
Championship Team anhson1980 60.5 : 47 Am Championship
League 1 JenJen11 65 : 54.5 Team Arde League 2
Non-League Team mm5000 46 : 71.5 Team Bondlam Championship
League 1 Team Hooligans_United 66 : 58.5 Team Shabusen Championship
Premier GREEK SUNSEEKER 62 : 48.5 JFDI League 2
League 2 Peace 82.5 : 67.5 velvet underground allstars Championship
Non-League Gyimah 50.5 : 54.5 Pigs FC Championship
Championship Alehouse WAGs 70.5 : 82 Team KenM Championship
Premier FC Lenivi babraci 58 : 34.5 Fantastic XI Championship
Premier Galacticos 61 : 72 cincyman Championship
League 1 Team Rockdelux 40.5 : 69 Whithy Dragons League 1
Premier Team sakiv 68.5 : 59.5 Sir Boy United FC Premier
Championship Team redstoglory 80.5 : 91.5 183168 Premier
Premier Team Chris_Manfredi 69 : 53.5 Team Iceberg_SK Championship
Premier Team stallexpress 132 : 41.5 Aletico JP Championship
Premier Sparta FC 68.5 : 70.5 Young Lions FA League 1
Non-League Smokey's Dogs of War 87 : 60.5 Team Captaingerrard Premier
Championship The Motley Crewe 79.5 : 101 Paphos Toffees Championship
League 1 Tolaria 63 : 60 TEAM MATT Non-League
Championship Shock The Monkey 68 : 67 Genesis United Non-League
Championship [TyF] Benjamin Chianti 60 : 65 Team taquito League 2
League 1 Team paulys_dreamteam 49.5 : 81.5 EPL GALACTICO'S Championship
Premier [TyF] Ozdal City* 50.5 : 80.5 Team KostasHotspurs Championship
Premier Team Enadiz2015 99.5 : 57 Team OGL1 Championship
League 2 Team DevilinRed 80.5 : 73.5 Team 3timelucky Non-League
Premier Team minhtruong 47 : 93 Jay Spearing Reborn Again Premier
Premier Team JCUnited1 48 : 68.5 yewy Premier
Championship HELLENIC POWER 65 : 56 Team Stijnen League 1
Premier Team Colecole 90.5 : 83.5 Buitre League 1
Championship Team geneeyow 87.5 : 76.5 Team BrotherGreat Premier
Premier Ledang LFC 79.5 : 61.5 Team BlueBloodedx Championship

I’ll post the round 4 draw nearer to week 30 when the games will take place.


How did you do? Did you suffer from rotation/injuries that cost you a win, or did you make an inspired choice to take you through to round 4? Did you crash out earlier — but would have cruised through this round? Please share your observations in the comments!