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Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Round 4 Draw

32 teams left to fight it out for Blog Cup honors

Only 32 chances left!
Are you still dreaming of a trophy?
Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

The international break is nearly over, and our next week, GW-30, will see the fourth round of NMA’s Blog Cup. There are 32 teams left fighting for the trophy!

There is just one ‘non-league’ team left (Smokey’s Dogs of War), three from league 2, five from league 1, 12 from the championship and 11 from the top flight. That doesn’t quite mirror the real-life FA Cup, but perhaps those further down the F-11 league are prepared to gamble a bit more with the cup.

Here is the (random) draw in full:

Round 4 draw

Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Non-League Smokey's Dogs of War v Team geneeyow Championship
Championship Team anhson1980 v Team stallexpress Premier
League 1 Young Lions FA v Team 1998jjb Championship
Championship Pigs FC v Paphos Toffees Championship
League 1 Team Hooligans_United v Team KostasHotspurs Championship
Premier Team Chris_Manfredi v cincyman Championship
Premier 183168 v Shock The Monkey Championship
Championship HELLENIC POWER v JenJen11 League 1
League 2 Peace v Team KenM Championship
Championship EPL GALACTICO'S v Ledang LFC Premier
Premier Jay Spearing Reborn Again v Team Enadiz2015 Premier
Championship Team Bondlam v Tolaria League 1
Premier Team Colecole v Team taquito League 2
Premier FC Lenivi babraci v Whithy Dragons League 1
Premier yewy v Team DevilinRed League 2
Premier Team sakiv v GREEK SUNSEEKER Premier

There are some good-looking matches. Next up for Smokey’s Dogs of War is Team geneeyow. They may be ranked much higher, but several strong teams have already lost to Smokey (sorry for reminding blog author Dave).

There are two all-Premier level match-ups: Jay Spearing Reborn Again takes on Team Enadiz2015, and Team sakiv faces GREEK SUNSEEKER. Runaway league leader 183168 next plays Shock The Monkey, who will indeed need to pull off a shock to advance, but the Monkey is currently ranked 14th, so it’s possible.

One match-up that made me smile sees Team KenM pitted against Peace. Peace is the last thing this team can expect for the next week or so!


Are you still going strong? If so, how do you feel about your opposition? If you’re out of the competition, whom are you rooting for? And are you tempted to compare your own result this week against our cup competitors? Let’s hear about it in the comments!