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Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Round 5 Draw

The sixteen remaining teams learn their opponents

Dion Dublin, BBC Sport TV Presenter, picks out a selection-ball during the FA Cup Semifinal draw - FA Cup
Which opponent is it for your team?
Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images

The weeks are rushing by, and we’re already on the verge of GW-32, which is also the fifth round of the Fantrax NMA-11 Blog Cup. This round sees the remaining 16 teams battle it out for a place in the quarter finals.

Round 4 produced quite a few upsets, and only 5 ‘Premier League’ teams remain, along with seven Championship teams plus one from League 1 and three from league 2.

Here is the (random) draw in full:

Round 5 draw

Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Qual league Team v Team Qual league
Championship Pigs FC v Ledang LFC Premier
League 2 Peace v Team geneeyow Championship
Premier Team stallexpress v Shock The Monkey Championship
League 2 Team DevilinRed v Whithy Dragons League 1
Premier Team Enadiz2015 v Team Chris_Manfredi Premier
Championship Team Bondlam v Team taquito League 2
Premier GREEK SUNSEEKER v Team 1998jjb Championship
Championship Team KostasHotspurs v HELLENIC POWER Championship

At this stage of the competition, we’d expect the games to be hard-fought, but there are some that stand out. The only all-Premiership tie pits Team Enadiz2015 against Team Chris_Manfredi; These teams are currently ranked second and fourth in the league. This should be a very close match.

In round 4, Shock The Monkey pulled off a great win against the runaway league leaders and early-season Blog Cup winners 183168. The reward? A tie against Team stallexpress who won last season’s Blog Cup and who is currently 6th in the league. Will this be another shock?

The most fortunate team in round 4 (who had the lowest winning score) was Team 1998jjb, and the reward is a tie against GREEK SUNSEEKER who is currently in 5th position in the league. Will the good fortune continue?

Finally, in case you hadn’t noticed, the mighty Team KenM was ousted by Peace in a very high scoring match. Peace next plays Team geneeyow, who knocked out the last non-league team in the competition. Peace is now the lowest-ranked team left in the competition, currently ranked #80, so will Team geneeyow continue its reputation for defeating the minnows?


Are you one of the last 16 teams? If so, how do you feel about your draw? If you’re already out (and you are in a large majority of teams if so), who are you supporting now? If you’d been through, how do you think you’d fare against the remaining teams? Please let us know in the comments!