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Fantrax NMA Blog Cup Round 5 Results

Did you make the quarter-finals?

Bruno Fernandes - Manchester United - Premier League
Are you celebrating another cup win?
Photo by Michael Regan - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

Round 5 of the NMA Blog Cup took place in GW-32 and as expected produced several close matches. The scores from the 16 remaining teams varied between 54.5 and 145, but half of the pairings had winning margins of less than 10 points. Many teams invested heavily in Spurs players thanks to the double week, but this wasn’t a guarantee of success.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing was that the team with the second-best score lost and the team with the second-worst score won. Don’t you love head-to-head competitions?!

The near top of the table clash between Team Enadiz2015 and Team Chris_Manfredi did not disappoint, with these two teams posting the two best scores among all remaining cup competitors. In the event, the team with fewer Spurs won the day, Team Chris_Manfredi edging it 145 to 138.5.

At the other end of the performance spectrum, Team taquito had a relatively comfortable win over Team Bondlam 85.5 to 54.5. It was a nightmare for Team Bondlam who had no shows from Azpilicueta and Antonio, zero from Gundodogan, and negatives from Martinez, Dawson and Stones (including two red cards)!

The two closest games saw Team geneeyow overcome Peace by 103 to 101; and even closer was HELLENIC POWER beating Team KostasHotspurs 123.5 to 122.

The winner of last season’s head to head cup is still going strong this year: Team stallexpress defeated the previously giantkilling Shock The Monkey, 129 to 103. Can anyone stop Stall?

Round 5 results

Qual league Team Score : Score Team Qual league
Qual league Team Score : Score Team Qual league
Championship Pigs FC 120.5 : 136 Ledang LFC Premier
League 2 Peace 101 : 103 Team geneeyow Championship
Premier Team stallexpress 129 : 103 Shock The Monkey Championship
League 2 Team DevilinRed 132.5 : 125.5 Whithy Dragons League 1
Premier Team Enadiz2015 138.5 : 145 Team Chris_Manfredi Premier
Championship Team Bondlam 54.5 : 85.5 Team taquito League 2
Premier GREEK SUNSEEKER 106.5 : 119 Team 1998jjb Championship
Championship Team KostasHotspurs 122 : 123.5 HELLENIC POWER Championship

The weeks are coming quickly; we’re already into GW-33. The next round is the quarterfinals in GW-34 next weekend (starting Friday again!). I’ll post the draw in a few days.


Is your team still in the competition? How did you do — or how would you have done but for an unfortunate previous round? Please let us know in the comments!