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Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Quarterfinals Draw

We’re down to the last eight teams

FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 Draw
It’s not quite the world cup, but who did you draw?
Photo by Valeriano Di Domenico - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

The season has only five weeks remaining, which means it is time for the quarterfinals of the Fantrax NMA-11 Blog Cup in GW-34. The previous rounds have all generated some intriguing matches, and a lot of top teams have fallen by the wayside, but there is still plenty of quality left.

Since there are just four matches, I thought I’d preview each one. I don’t know most of the team owners, so please do add your thoughts in the comments below if you’re skillful and lucky enough to be one of them. And feel free to comment even if you aren’t!

Team geneeyow v HELLENIC POWER
Team geneeyow is ranked 74th at time of writing, the lowest of all the remaining teams. The roster has not changed for at least the past five weeks (not including week 33 still in progress), with scores in those weeks being: 103, 72.5, 129.5, 40 and 87.5.

HELLENIC POWER is ranked 41st after scoring 123.5, 101.5, 117, 74.5 and 65 over the past 5. Form would therefore suggest a narrow win for HELLENIC POWER, but Team geneeyow has a number of top players (at huge discounts) so cannot be dismissed.


Team DevilinRed v Team Chris_Manfredi
Team DevilinRed is currently ranked 48; 5-week form is 132.5, 75, 142.5, 98.5 and 80.5. They have shown a tendency to score better in even weeks, so perhaps they are prioritising the cup?

Team Chris_Manfredi is the highest-ranked team left, currently 3rd with form of 145, 119, 115.5, 106.5 and 69. So despite the higher league position, the forms of these teams doesn’t point to a clear favorite. Both are capable of very big scores, so another shock could be in the cards.


Team taquito v Team stallexpress
Team taquito is currently ranked 58th with form of 85.5, 92, 110, 85 and 65.

Team stallexpress is the 2020 head-to-head cup winner and currently ranked 6th with a form of 129, 96.5, 108, 120 and 132. Almost everything here points to a victory for Team stallexpress, although if they’d been matched up in GW-30 there would have been a shock, so Stall cannot afford to be complacent.


Ledang LFC v Team 1998jjb

Ledang LFC is currently ranked 26th and has some strong recent form: 136, 129, 93.5, 71 and 79.5.

Team 1998jjb is currently ranked 38th with form of 119, 118, 91.5, 90 and 75. Form is pointing to a victory for Ledang LFC, but could Team 1998jjb pull off another shock — perhaps they can find an unexpected Southampton player to get them through?


Are you one of the 8 remaining managers? Let’s hear from you if you are. How do you feel about the draw? If you’re no longer in the competition, who are you supporting this week? Please let us know in the comments!