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Fantasy Euros 2020 Is Live: Join NMA’s Mini-League!

We’re less than a week away from the end of the EPL season, and Champions League finishes this month too. But don’t fret — the 2020 Euros begin soon, and NMA will be here to cover it!

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal wins UEFA Euro 2016
Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portugal teammates defeated France for the Euros trophy in 2016. Which country will take the prize this summer?
Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The 16th quadrennial UEFA European Football Championship is slated to run this summer from June 11 to July 11. Originally scheduled for last summer, the tournament was postponed due to the pandemic but will retain the moniker of “Euros 2020” (much like the Tokyo ”2020” Summer Olympics scheduled for the end of July).

To celebrate the 60th “birthday” of the competition, it will be held in an unprecedented eleven cities across Europe, with Rome hosting the opening match and London’s Wembley Stadium serving as the venue for the semi-finals and final. (The original plan was for thirteen cities, but Brussels was dropped because of delays in the construction of its Eurostadium, and Dublin was dropped because Irish authorities could not guarantee that live spectators would be permitted.) Another first will be the use of the Video Assistant Referee system, something that has never been done with the Euros before.

Want to know something that isn’t new and unusual about this iteration? Our coverage of its fantasy platform. That’s right, just as we have in the past, we will once again provide a fantasy mini-league as well as Player Picks and other articles to help our members jostle for a podium finish.

NMA’s in-depth coverage will begin as the opening match draws closer, but for now you can create a team, join our mini-league, and begin tinkering with your unlimited transfers.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the UEFA site, the same one that hosts the Champions League fantasy game we’re following. If you’ve never registered there before, then you’ll need to create an account.
  2. Create and populate a team (you must do this before you can join any “leagues”). If in a hurry, you can use auto-complete and then go back later to rework your roster before the initial deadline.
  3. Then join leagues. You may find yourself already enrolled in leagues for your own country plus “Overall”. Click on “Join a league” and then paste in our league code 95SBPFJO07 to join NMA’s new Euros 2020 mini-league.

ALERT: UEFA auto-generated an echo of our UCL mini-league named “NeverManageAlone” (no spaces). If you’re in fantasy UCL, you’ll be offered a quick link to this phantom mini-league, but it’s not being administered, so it’s not the one you want (no harm if you clicked it; it’s just a dead end).

Our active league for the Euros is Never Manage Alone (spaces between each word). Conveniently, this new league will roll over into the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League tournament this fall.

The Euros fantasy game squeezes seven match-days into the span of just a month, so this one promises short-and-sweet summer fun. Get registered and join us!


If you run into any issues with our brief instructions above, please post in the comments (gently please). Our bloggers’ experience with the UEFA games web site was all in the context of already having registrations and playing the UCL game, so we’re not exactly sure what first-time users will encounter.