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AGUEROOOOO!! Where Were YOU For His Legendary Goal!?

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On Saturday EPL superstar and fantasy stud Sergio Aguero will put on a Manchester City shirt for the last time. For all his goals and success, THIS GOAL stands above them all. Where were YOU for this iconic moment!?

Sergio Aguero - Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers - Premier League 2012
Photo by Ed Garvey/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

There are some events in world history that were so startling that those who experienced them will remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they transpired.

Football has its moments like that too: Ole’s winning goal in the 93rd minute to complete the treble for Man United in 1999. Jerzy Dudek’s 117th minute penalty kick double-save to take the 2005 Champions League final to a shootout, which he then won for Liverpool with another PK save. Iniesta’s goal in the 116th minute to win the 2010 World Cup for Spain. The list goes on and on.

But burned into the brains of many EPL fans is the memory of Sergio Aguero’s title-clinching stoppage-time goal on the final day of the 2011-12 campaign. For those who don’t remember, Manchester City went into that final game day ahead of Manchester United on goal difference alone. City played Queens Park Rangers, who were in danger of being relegated. The game entered stoppage time with City down 1-2, and United had already won its match, meaning City needed to score two goals in injury time to win the title.

And from there, all is history.

This first video includes most of stoppage time and contains the Edin Dzeko goal that tied the game.

Here’s just the winning goal and Martin Tyler’s now-famous commentary, so you can watch over and over, if you’d like.

Over a Sky Blues career in which he has scored 260 times over the span of a decade, Aguero himself rates that goal as the most important of his life. Many pundits believe it was actually the most important goal in modern football history. Without doubt it marked a shift in dominance within the Premier League towards the blue side of Manchester, and heralded City as an emerging power in world football.

As a tribute to the Man City legend as his final game as a Citizen approaches, our staffers share their stories of where they were and what they were doing at that unforgettable moment in EPL history.


Rewatching this Aguero goal brings me mixed emotions each time I see it. The joy part of is obvious. It’s a great goal, in the biggest of moments. The commentating is spot on. And Manchester United didn’t win the title.

The sadness comes from the fact that I didn’t see it live. Not one moment. I’d probably watched most of that season of the EPL. Hours and hours of games. Hundreds of goals. But not this one. Not the greatest goal in arguably the most iconic game in EPL history.

I was at a mother’s day brunch with my mother-in-law, wife and two young kids. I remember I had coffee, probably a croissant, definitely some fruit. I remember my phone buzzing all during brunch. A glare from my wife. A goal update here. A text to the group chat there. A scowl from my wonderful wife with each update. And then... pandemonium on the group chat as Aguero wins the title. Cussing from the United fans, jubilation from everyone else. And me, I just sat moping quietly, sadly sipping my cold coffee and nibbling on cantaloupe, while the rest of EPL fandom roared with delight.


I was at a large outdoor soccer complex that fateful day, ostensibly watching one of my children play a youth league game. In reality though, most of the other parents and I were glued to our phones, monitoring minute-by-minute developments in the dramatic race for the EPL title.

When Kun scored that fairytale goal a huge roar went up from the crowd. Kids across every pitch stopped running and looked around at each other, wondering who among them had done something worthy of such celebration!


Being a United fan, the “Agueroooo” moment haunts me “‘Til this day”, as Deontay Wilder would say. Back then the pain was diluted by my being only 12, so I didn’t know much about football. The sadness kicked in only as I became older and got to know more about that goal’s significance. Although watching Kun score has been a nightmare, he is an absolute legend up there alongside Alan Shearer as one of the greatest premier league strikers of all time.

With him moving to Barcelona, I would actually enjoy watching him score for the Blaugranes because I support them in La Liga. I hope this is the signing the Culers need to turn their misfortunes around. Overall, I’m happy to see the back of Aguero in the Premier League, and am looking forward to watching him play for the Catalans. Bienvenido Aguero!!!!


I was sitting in my front room with the family, suitcases fully loaded ready for our week in Majorca.

As a United fan I had little to no hope for us pinching the title on the final day. Strangely it wasn’t the “AGUEROOOOOOOOOO” moment that I felt it was lost, it was the Eden Dzeko goal just before. When that went in, I felt City would certainly then get one final chance; and the way the season was finishing, that they would convert.

Still, a few hours later I was sitting in the Spanish sunshine drinking an Estrella or two enjoying life. Kun was still messing around in chilly Manchester. I think I laughed last that evening Mr Aguero!


It was a most memorable moment in retrospect, but as neither a City nor United supporter, I don’t have any particularly fanciful recall of the event. I’m sure I was just at home in my then-apartment watching the action unfold on TV from the comfort of my couch. And I’m certain that Aguero’s goal brought me jumping out like shot from a cannon, shrieking in non-partisan football fan glee as my neighbors wondered what the ruckus was all about on a Sunday morning with the NFL months away from starting again.


My basic cable TV package didn’t include live EPL matches back in 2012, so I didn’t see the goal until the highlight reel played later. Back then we played the Yahoo game. I know Aguero was a must-have in my fantasy team every year, so I was happy to notch more points. Goodbye Kun, save a year or two for a swan song tour in America’s MLS.


Pretty much all of family members are a Manchester United fan, from which I was probably influenced into falling in love with the Red Devils.

I still remember, all of us ordered a couple of large pepperoni pizza for dinner and the match was going live. Our cable was showing us the Manchester United match which was almost done and dusted but out of nowhere, the channel began to display a split screen to show the City game after the Eden Dzeko goal. Even then, I felt surely this is it, the Citizens don’t have enough in them to pull the fairytale story into a reality but when Martin Tyler’s legendary “AGUEROOOOOOOOOO” chant was heard in the entire room, there was just plain silence for a good two minutes. Jaw-dropping, hands on your head and eyes wide open with disgust, disbelief and the reality-check hit straight; Kun Aguero has won it for Manchester City! I have to admit, even when the pundits mention or when I come across any memes about the magical moment, it still hurts to this very day.

However, one has to admire, appreciate and respect the player the Argentine turned out to be who can surely sit on the table of the legendary strikers that we witnessed in the Premier League. Aguero breaking Wayne Rooney’s record of scoring the most league goals for a single club is still another bit that is not well-taken but it still can’t beat the once-in-a-lifetime moment that he created! Since I follow and support Barcelona in La Liga, it will truly be wonderful to watch Kun in the Catalan shirt, hopefully alongside best mate Leo Messi!



I remember watching this game when I was having a Sunday meal with my family; as an Arsenal fan I was impartial but it was hard not to get carried away with such an iconic moment - I can only imagine what Citizens fans must’ve felt like! Aguero has been a EPL legend, and has served me well in FPL over the years, with his high ceiling. A UCL title would be an incredible way for him to sign out. I know he’s struggled with injury lately, but I’m sure he could reach 20+ goals in a season at Barcelona. We saw against Everton that he hasn’t lost his killer instinct.



I was in a public viewing center with a lot of other football fans and most of us were hoping for a miracle. Being an anti-Manchester City fan, the particular moment he scored the goal is a memory that will never fade. The way I sank into my chair and held my head in my hands, struggling to fathom what I had just experienced.

The build up to the final moment was extremely painful. From Joey Barton’s dismissal, to Edin Dzeko’s tying goal, then finally Kun’s last push of the ball before he finally hit it. Every moment of it was awful but glorious.

Sergio Aguero is an EPL legend that will be much more appreciated as times goes on; he did things very few could do. I was happy to see him break Wayne Rooney’s record for the most league goals scored for a single club. Scoring and breaking that record in his final league appearance was the perfect EPL send off for a man who has done a lot to take City to the top of English football.


Was Aguero’s iconic goal a happy or sad moment for you? Where were you and what were you doing? Please share YOUR memories in the comments below!


Update: On December 15, 2021, Sergio Aguero announced his retirement from football, reminding us to look back again at the good times we had.