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Fantasy English Premier League 2020-21: How Did You Do?

We review the season and take a look at our high performers in our community across FPL and Fantrax.

Nathaniel Phillips celebrates with Thiago - Liverpool - Premier League
There will be winners and losers in our Leagues, but ultimately: Football is the Winner!
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

This was certainly a season of highs and lows. Not only did we have to compete with the usual roller-coaster of an EPL season, but we had the added challenge of contesting with the COVID situation as it caused scheduling chaos worse than any snowy winter. This was a season full of cancelled games and congested schedules that even resulted in a triple game-week!

Thank you all to our readers and contributors for being here with us and making it a great season. Now let’s take a look at the leaderboards across our leagues:

Official FPL Game

Never Manage Alone “BTB”

Congratulations to our Champion, Brian Grady! He had a fantastic season, making it into the top 400 globally! There were some real high finishes in our mini-league, and we had a great turnout overall with 5012 Teams!

I finished 4th in the League overall, with a Personal Best of a 1875 Rank Globally; earning myself bragging rights amongst the NMA Authors! I did try and make a late push for the Top 1K but my Global Rank suffered slightly after I went tactical in one of my Mini-Leagues in order to cancel out an opponent.

Fantrax NMA-11

Congratulations to our NMA-11 Champion, 183168 who finished as the runaway leader with a 5000+ point tally! Some familiar and well-known NMA Names make up the Top 10 Places. We had 172 teams turnout overall.

This was my maiden Fantrax season, with my side Real Ale Madrid, finishing in a respectable 63rd Position with 4056 Points.

Fantrax NMA-17

Congratulations to our NMA-17 Champion, GREEK SUNSEEKER! He also featured in the Top Ten in NMA-11. 136 Teams turned out overall with some close points at the top of the table.

My inaugural-season side, Real Ale Madrid, finished 39th with 5196 Points.


How did you rank this season overall? Where did you finish across our respective leagues? Please join us in the comments and share your scores!