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Fantasy UCL MD-12: Rate My Team

Leg 2 of the Champions League semis will determine which two teams square off in the final. I’m hoping I get my transfers right. So please let me know what you think of my plans.

Paris Saint-Germain v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Leg One
Kylian Mbappe is an injury doubt for Leg 2. My transfer strategies this week will depend heavily on whether he starts.
Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Match-day 11 Recap

Leg 1 of the UCL semifinals seemed like a disappointment. My “big three” forwards combined for just nine points; Kevin De Bruyne and Antonio Rudiger were my only other players who scored more than four.

I did make a good decision not to move the armband from Karim Benzema though. I’d most likely have rolled it to Mbappe, who managed only two points compared to Benzema’s six. My subs were on point too.

I ended on 47 points, which didn’t seem like much. But it must have been a mediocre week across the board, because despite my lackluster score I still moved up the leader-boards, with green arrows in all leagues.

Match-Day 12

To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m going to end up doing this week. I’m pretty confident that Sergio Ramos will start, so I want him in my team. Unfortunately, I’ll have to make my decision before I’ll see the lineup, since Real Madrid doesn’t play until Wednesday. So he’ll be on my bench on Tuesday, and then I’ll leave him there if he ends up on Zinedine Zidane’s. Transferring him in is a risk I’m willing to take, then.

But I have a problem. I carried the eliminated Zaidu on my roster last week in order to avoid taking a penalty to move him out. But I don’t have enough money in the bank to purchase Ramos with the proceeds from selling Zaidu. So I’m going to have to sell a more valuable — and more promising — asset from my current roster. Who should that be?

Well, we’ll have confirmed lineups for Man City v. Paris Saint-Germain ahead of our transfer deadline, and Mbappe is a doubt with a calf issue. If he fails to start, then my decision is easy. Out goes Mbappe with Zaidu, and in comes Ramos with some other forward (either Timo Werner or any confirmed City or PSG striker). But if Mbappe is fit, then I need to raise funds for Ramos elsewhere. I suppose Casemiro would be a likely suspect.

But I also still have my wildcard chip, so I could just wipe the slate clean and build a new squad based on the City vs PSG lineups plus a few studs I expect to start for Chelsea and Real Madrid. Should I just do that, or would it be wiser to save my chip so I can assemble the eleven strongest players confirmed for final?


Are you sticking to the “template” players, or are you trying to do something different this week? Do you agree with me that Ramos is an essential asset if he starts? What will you do if Mbappe fails to make the S-11? Please tell us your transfer strategies for Leg 2, and then rate my team!