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Euro 2020 MD-1 Pre-Deadline & Live Chat

Come on in at NMA’s FPL & Fantrax Virtual Pub and pour yourself a pint — We got the game on!

UEFA Euro 2020 Trophy
Delayed for a year by the COVID pandemic, the Euro 2020 finally kicks off today in Rome. Which nation will take home the trophy?
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Return To The Pleasure Of Sport Community

After a year of waiting, we begin Euro 2020 in 2021. Italy and Turkey take the stage for a loaded MD-1. Let’s gooooooal!

It feels like the seemingly unending, grueling season of FPL just ended for me. I was lucky enough to finish top 400 in the world, a feat that I hold dear largely because of the comfort this sport community lent during a challenging year apart from loved ones.

We all have these stories.

After 38 weeks of the strangest EPL season we’ve ever witnessed, I promised myself the luxury of just enjoying the sport of football and the borderless sound of hopeful fans in the stands. My approach to Euro 2020 from a fantasy perspective will be to participate with a sense of thankfulness that we are in this together, ready to root for drama to come. I’m not overthinking, and you shouldn’t either. The matches are coming thick and fast, so expect that everything will change for your squad by tomorrow.

That said, a bit of planning with the help of the NMA group articles published here will guide you on your way. PPQ’s Euros MD-1 Rate My Team article is live now as is Dhivakhar’s tactical analysis of each team. We also posted a player picks, tips, and tricks guide, as well as profiles of Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, and Group F. And of course, please, join NMA’s mini-league too if you still haven’t!

On a personal note, this is my first contribution to NMA. I’m pleased to represent a Cleveland voice in this space. Be easy on me. :) I’ll always happily give my best advice.

Cagey Or Open Play?

Where better to begin the drama than Rome? Rome is a unity location in that so many of us understand it as a historical place of sport. In this cultural capital, the stage is set with Turkey and Italy, the only fixture of the day. Group A may not be considered “the group of death”, but I’d argue that it any of its four squads could move deep into the tournament. Today I expect two teams understanding the significance of the moment, with energy and a desire to get the upper-hand early. Pride will be on the line here as the lone match of a heavily anticipated tournament with the world tuned in. Don’t expect the bus to be parked.

Italy is arguably one of the most stout defenses in the run-up to this match. However, this is not your traditional Italian side. This team is chock-full of expressive talent and will not fear going after multiple goals. Personally, I’m looking at Insigne and Berardi, with a differential eye towards the creative talents of Barella. Many are going for Immobile in attack, and I could easily see him netting. In defense, Donnarumma is my expected keeper of the tournament. Spinazzola is currently only 4% owned if you are looking for a defensive differential.

Turkey will not give in easily. Possession will likely favor Italy, but Turkey will look towards the imagination of Calhanoglu. Set pieces will be key for Turkey. Yilmaz will look to be on the end of the counter, and I also like Yazıcı as a differential if he remains central. Cakir is a great shout if the energy of the early moments dulls and the occasion becomes a defensive battle. He can bomb the ball forward from goal and lead with confidence.

Keep in mind: for this match we will have the sweet luxury of UEFA rules dictating the starting squad release an hour prior to the match, along with the ability to update your Turkish and Italian hopes accordingly. I’d advise not waiting until the final 15 minutes to confirm your team, as the fantasy platform will likely be overwhelmed with last minute changes.

Enjoy, above all. If you have thoughts, questions, suggestions on your favorite Turkish or Italian foods and libations, whatever: holler in the comments.

And be sure to check-in daily at throughout the tournament. Just as we did this week, we’ll have player picks and rate-my-team articles, as well as a Live Chat post for each match-day.

Happy to meet you all. Good luck!