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EPL GW-2 Matchday Live Chat

The season started off with a roar! Week two should see the introduction of some new signings.

Romelu Lukaku shows #9 jersey - Chelsea FC - Premier League
It’s lonely at the top.
Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Saturday 21st August


Sunday 22nd August


Monday 23rd August

I’m so excited for week two.

It was great to have fans back in the stadiums. There was great energy throughout the league! I think home teams will continue the advantage that we’ve come to expect.

Seven of ten GW-1 games were won by the home squad. Only Norwich was without a home goal, and four home teams posted clean sheets, including the Spurs 1-0 over Man City and Brentford’s shock 2-0 win over Arsenal.

Six teams scored three or more goals on the week. Will we see the same high scores again?


We also most likely will see the introduction of some big name transfers.

  • Romelu Lukaku looks ready to start for Chelsea. The Blues scored three without him in week one.
  • Raphael Varane and Jadon Sancho both have a chance to start for United, who dominated last weekend.
  • Martin Odegaard has just signed a permanent deal for the Gunners. They could use his help right away.
  • Joseph Willock should get right back to his starting spot at Newcastle. Can he continue where he left off?


I’m watching a few other stories this week as the season unfolds.

  • What will happen with Harry Kane?
  • The Gunners need a win already. Unfortunately they get Chelsea, who looked great and will have a striker.
  • I’m already watching teams at the lower end of the table. (yes, I know that Arsenal is there). Two of three newly promoted sides won (Watford and Brentford), so they are going to put up a fight, as we expect them too. Crystal Palace has some early concerns.
  • How will Man City react to GW-1’s loss? Kevin De Bruyne did not train Friday. We will have to see how Pep sets up. I still would not want to be Norwich this weekend.


Let the chat begin...