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Rate My Team: FPL GW-10

Every point counts!

James Maddison - Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

GW-9 was a very good game-week up until James Maddison broke my heart by going madd. Two goals plus an assist from Leicester’s brightest star saw me drop out of the top 500,000 managers overall and also set me back in several private leagues. My decision not to sign Maddison ahead of last week’s deadline was more painful due to the fact that I added him to my player picks article and also earmarked him as one of the best midfield options for the season. I ended GW-9 with 79 points, which isn’t bad but isn’t great either.

This is what my team looks like for GW-10.

With Arsenal squaring up against Liverpool and the Foxes set to face Bournemouth, I quickly decided to swap out Bukayo Saka for Maddison. At first glance, it looks like my team is ready for the weekend; however, there are a couple of dilemmas on the ground.

The first is the lure of using my wildcard rather than paying a minus four. Injuries to Man City’s Walker (whom I signed just last week) and Fulham’s Mitrovic mean that two of my starters will most likely be out.

My substitute options are Everton’s Patterson, who is also injured, Dasilva, who is mostly used as a substitute for the Bees, and Neco Williams who plays for Nottingham Forest side that can’t seem to stop conceding goals. There’s also the fear of him being benched after a particularly poor display in Forest’s last match.

In the event that I trigger my wildcard, here are the changes I’d make:

  • Salah -> De Bruyne
  • Mitrovic -> Toney
  • Walker -> Tarkowski
  • Fornals -> Martinelli/Xhaka
  • DaSilva -> Gross

In a scenario where I decide to go for a minus four, I’d replace Mitrovic with Toney. I will read comment to know your thoughts about the best move to make and potential wildcard changes.

So, what advice do you have for me? Rate my teams (be nice!)! How’s your team looking?