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Fantrax EPL DGW-29 Player Picks

Six teams and some big names have double games this week! Whom can you fit in?

Harry Kane vies with Liverpool’s Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Salah - LIVERPOOL vs TOTTENHAM - Premier League
These two goal scorers and their teams have double games this week!
Photo by JON SUPER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

There are six teams playing twice this week: Newcastle, Brighton, Everton, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

There are going to be some expensive options this week. I feel like I need Mo Salah, Harry Kane, and Son Heung-Min, so it’s a payoff week for those who somehow managed to carry any of them at discount through lean weeks — Will it be worth it?

I’m looking for (and suggesting) some enablers that afford me those key big names. They are there!

Liverpool just played a mid-week Champions League match, so I have rotation concerns with two upcoming games, but they are chasing Man City and need the points. At this time of year, everyone (including fantasy managers) is chasing something or being chased!

(Article written with pre-update prices before Thursday’s kickoff)

[Our one early game of the week is Brighton vs Liverpool, so the lineups of two teams with double games should be confirmed in the countdown hour before our deadline. Come back to NMA for our Pre-deadline & Live Chat to see those plus other late breaking news! ]


Martin Dubravka (CHE vs NEW, EVE vs NEW, $8.18)

I’m looking no further than Newcastle’s shot stopper. I had to check this, but Dubravka has yet to lose in 2022, and he has yet to concede more than a single goal in a game over this last eight. He also makes saves. He’s far cheaper than the big name options, and again is at least as good a value.


Aaron Ramsdale (ARS vs LEI, ARS vs LIV, $18.11)

Expensive at retail, but if you already have him (presumably at a lower price) or if you have money to park somewhere, then Ramsdale could rack up points saving against two shot-happy teams. Then again, he could concede, especially against Liverpool. I think my money is better spent elsewhere, but YMMV.


Matt Doherty (MAN vs TOT, BHA vs TOT, $3.48)

Remember when he was consistently putting up these kind of numbers for Wolves!? Well, he may be back. It’s unclear he’ll play both, but I certainly don’t want to risk that he does at that price.


Cédric Soares (ARS vs LEI, ARS vs LIV, $2.01)

Soares has filled in well at the back, and we’re seeing him get forward more and more. His last four starts are the four straight wins for Arsenal. The Gunners have two home games even though they aren’t easy ones. He’s cheap enough to make him interesting.


Emil Krafth (CHE vs NEW, EVE vs NEW, $3.17)

This is a bargain option only if you need it. He has put up solid points, but two away games aren’t great.


Virgil van Dijk (BHA vs LIV, ARS vs LIV, $15.79)

I favor VvD over other Liverpool defenders because Jurgen Klopp knows his value to the team and is less likely to rest him. Klopp has shown his willingness to rotate wing backs. VvD is just solid. There are points even in two away games.


Dejan Kulusevski (MAN vs TOT, BHA vs TOT, $2.69)

What a signing he has proved to be! In his first four starts, he has two goals and three assists. Spurs outscored their opponents 12-3. He’s cheap. He’s scoring. He will most likely play twice. What’s not to like?


Ryan Fraser (CHE vs NEW, EVE vs NEW, $6.38)

Fraser is playing well and is a driving force behind Newcastle’s run. Two goals and two assists in his last five. He’s active and on kicks. I like him over Jason Willock because of the set pieces that Fraser takes.


Bukayo Saka (ARS vs LEI, ARS vs LIV, $13.81)

Gabriel Martinelli is tempting here at a much cheaper price, but I think Emile Smith-Rowe gets a start, making Martinelli less appealing. I have my worries with the second game being Liverpool, but Saka has proven to be a quality player with a high floor and higher ceiling. He has two goals over this last three games. He still is on most kicks and stays aggressive. He’s not a must have in my book (e.g. Salah or Spurs’ attackers), which makes him an interesting differential.


Son Heung-Min (MAN vs TOT, BHA vs TOT, $18.04)

He’s pricey, so I’d understand if you didn’t get him, but also... maybe I wouldn’t understand. A goal in each of his last two, plus just putting up points. Spurs are scoring goals.


Luis Diaz (BHA vs LIV, ARS vs LIV, $1.67)

Still dirt-cheap, the January signing has been a welcome addition for Jurgen Klopp. He didn’t start midweek in the Champion’s League, and we get to see the first lineup. I’m ready to put him in and see what happens. He doesn’t need much to earn back that value, so even without two starts (but with a chance for two) he could earn back his value.


Dominic Calvert-Lewin (EVE vs WOL, EVE vs NEW, $4.19)

I just don’t really trust Everton right now... at all. DCL and Toffees are in a massive slump, but I’m here to present options. We know he can score. It’s two decent home games. He’s cheap. He’s not my first choice, but he’s not my last either.


Harry Kane (MAN vs TOT, BHA vs TOT, $14.46)

During the Spurs’ goal fest, Kane has five goals in a stretch of four games. We know he can go on runs. Is he on one of these now? I’m betting he is.


Alexandre Lacazette (ARS vs LEI, ARS vs LIV, $7.13)

The Frenchman has been leading the front line for Arteta in 2022. He hasn’t scored since then, but he does have four assists. He is active and close to a sure thing to start. The Gunners are playing well and Lacazette is a part of that.


Mo Salah (BHA vs LIV, ARS vs LIV, $25.20)

I am doing everything I can to get him in. He’s just good. He’s the top fantasy producer at the moment. He has 19 goals and 11 assists. With two games this week, I just don’t think you can leave him out of your squad unless the confirmed lineup brings bad news.

Do you trust any other Everton or any Brighton players over two games? What single-game players are you keeping or considering buying? What other cheap options out there? Please share your ideas in the comments below!