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Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL DGW-29

Check out my teams for this double game-week!

Philippe Coutinho - Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

We’re back with yet another double game-week (Arsenal FC, Liverpool, Newcastle, Brighton, Tottenham & Everton), which adds to the headache that is fantasy football, though slightly alleviated by my decision to captain Coutinho in GW-28! Lots of tweaking to go I’m sure, but please check out my sides and provide your expertise!

Official FPL

I have yet to use my wildcard, and I still retain both free hits and my bench boost. As I am happy with my team this week (and due to future doubles), I plan to use a free hit in the blank GW-30.

Kulusevski comes in for the out of form Bowen. I face a nice dilemma with who should be my first sub. It’s Foden currently, but he will most likely be swapped for Broja. Current Rank: 27,851.

Fantrax NMA-11

I was fortunate to already have a few DGW players in my side, and have boosted that by bringing in Bukayo Saka who is in fine form. Overall I’m happy but still have plenty of funds in the bank ($12) that can be used to upgrade, although I’m conscious of the cheap prices I paid for some players.

Fantrax NMA-17

This is where the tweaking will come in with plenty of changes already! I have over $5 left in the bank, so I’m trying to find those bargains and upgrade my team where possible. 11 players here will face a double, but I’m conscious that it doesn’t always result in more points than single gamers.


What changes would you make to my side? What big decisions are you faced with? Join me in the comments!