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Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Round-3 Results and Round-4 Draw

There are only 32 teams left in the competition

Martin Dubravka - Newcastle United - Premier League
Dubravka on his way to 34 points on the double!
Photo by James Chance - Southampton FC/Southampton FC via Getty Images

Round 3

The DGWs keep on coming, and DGW-28 was again both a double and an NMA-11 Cup week, with some monster scores resulting. 64 teams qualified for Round-3, comprising the 20 who fought through from Round 1 (or even earlier for the four surviving ‘non-league’ teams), plus the 44 highest-ranked teams as of GW-20 (the ‘Premier League’ and ‘Championship’ teams).

With so many points around, a wide spread of scores was to be expected, and there were a lot of one-sided results, the most notable being Team stallexpress (aka. Arsenal) thumping ‘non-league’ [TYF] Coolmend (aka. Aldershot Town) 209.5 to 67, a whopping victory margin of 142.5 points! But in another Premier League versus non-league tie, Team minhtruong (Eastleigh) defeated cincyman (Newcastle) by 206 to 169.5. Newcastle is doing well in real life at present (and certainly did this week), but not so in our cup! The other two non-league teams also had contrasting fortunes: Team CathalDonnelly (Weymouth) pulled off another shock, defeating Smoke & Mirrors (Sheffield United) 199.5:179, while Voetbal FC (Hungerford Town) were rather truer to their league position, scoring only 26.5 points in losing to Team redstoglory (Charlton Athletic) who scored 124.5.

That score of 124.5 was only 98th best for the week, and earns Team redstoglory the award for most fortunate team of the round (the lowest winning score). The most unfortunate team of the round was [TyF] Ozdal City (Reading), who scored an impressive 208.5 points (the 13th best score in the league) but came up against THKSFIGHT (Ipswich Town) who scored 228 points.

Other notable victories were for DISCO ARGYLE (Brentford) who beat Team JenJen11 (Liverpool) 193:168.5, [TyF] SAROMAGDEN84 (Burnley) who beat ching (Chelsea) 177.5:168 and Aletico JP (Luton Town) who shocked Shock The Monkey (Man United) 209.5:152.5. That’s three of the highest-ranked teams out already.

There weren’t many very close matches, the narrowest margin seeing Omonoia FC (Bristol City) squeeze past okieS (Nottingham Forest) by 3.5 points, 193:189.5.

Here are the results in full:

NMA-11 Cup Round 3 results

Eqivalent team Team Score : Score Team Eqivalent team
Eqivalent team Team Score : Score Team Eqivalent team
Ipswich Town THKSFIGHT 228 : 208.5 [TyF] Ozdal City Reading
Birmingham City OGZ Hall Of Fame 149.5 : 83 Team Openworldgrady Cardiff City
Peterborough United Young Lions FA 161 : 172 PPQ Norwich City
Hull City [TyF] KOBRADOVICH 82 : 184 Team taquito Doncaster Rovers
Blackburn Rovers Team Rockdelux 161 : 182.5 Team durotrulo West Bromwich Albion
Huddersfield Town [TyF] CutThroatPiranhas 177 : 183 Ultimate AGFC Bristol Rovers
Port Vale Team Baziu 144.5 : 172 Team paulys_dreamteam Everton
Weymouth Team CathalDonnelly 199.5 : 179 Smoke & Mirrors Sheffield United
Scunthorpe United Pigs F.C 142.5 : 214 Team stormtrooper84 Sutton United
Brentford DISCO ARGYLE 193 : 168.5 Team JenJen11 Liverpool
Crystal Palace Jay spearing 204 : 196.5 Team Messi4ever Queens Park Rangers
Aston Villa Team Colecole 145 : 168 183168 Manchester City
Fulham Team Chris_Manfredi 153.5 : 138.5 Sir Boy United FC Bournemouth
Charlton Athletic Team redstoglory 124.5 : 26.5 Voetbal FC Hungerford Town
Coventry City Team DavidBrian 213 : 192 Team MIFFY_FC Wolverhampton Wanderers
Oxford United Team ivangyc 196 : 167.5 Team AddisBuna Mansfield Town
Wigan Athletic Killer Quokka 146 : 162.5 Alehouse WAGs Barnsley
Chelsea ching 168 : 177.5 [TyF] SAROMAGDEN84 Burnley
Plymouth Argyle [TyF] That’s What She Saïd 94.5 : 231.5 EPL GALACTICO'S Tottenham Hotspur
Millwall AREIRTE HELLAS 182 : 156.5 Team Stijnen Cambridge United
Leeds United Team Captaingerrard 197 : 172 Lua Lua Cheltenham Town
Harrogate Town Ano's team 2021/22 136 : 157.5 Team sakiv Blackpool
Leicester City Paphos Toffees 176 : 197 The Motley Crewe Southampton
Swansea City Ledang LFC 180.5 : 221.5 Team JCUnited1 Brighton and Hove Albion
Manchester United Shock The Monkey 152.5 : 209.5 Aletico JP Luton Town
Arsenal Team stallexpress 209.5 : 67 [TYF] Coolmend Aldershot Town
Newcastle United cincyman 169.5 : 206 Team minhtruong Eastleigh
Nottingham Forest okieS 189.5 : 193 Omonoia FC Bristol City
Derby County Whithy Dragons 187.5 : 133.5 [TyF] Ragasaki Stoke City
Middlesbrough Team SouthHorizons 187 : 166 Team G2FC Barrow
Watford Tolaria 220.5 : 188 Wednesday23 Leyton Orient
West Ham United GREEK SUNSEEKER 164.5 : 169.5 Sparta FC Preston North End

Round-4 Draw

The competition is tough now, so if you’ve made it this far, you can expect a challenging opponent. Here is the draw for round 4:

NMA-11 Cup Round 4 fixtures

Eqivalent team Team v Team Eqivalent team
Eqivalent team Team v Team Eqivalent team
Brighton and Hove Albion Team JCUnited1 v Tolaria Watford
Charlton Athletic Team redstoglory v Team minhtruong Eastleigh
Derby County Whithy Dragons v DISCO ARGYLE Brentford
West Bromwich Albion Team durotrulo v EPL GALACTICO'S Tottenham Hotspur
Doncaster Rovers Team taquito v Team ivangyc Oxford United
Burnley [TyF] SAROMAGDEN84 v Omonoia FC Bristol City
Fulham Team Chris_Manfredi v Sparta FC Preston North End
Arsenal Team stallexpress v Team DavidBrian Coventry City
Middlesbrough Team SouthHorizons v PPQ Norwich City
Barnsley Alehouse WAGs v OGZ Hall Of Fame Birmingham City
Blackpool Team sakiv v Team CathalDonnelly Weymouth
Luton Town Aletico JP v The Motley Crewe Southampton
Leeds United Team Captaingerrard v Team stormtrooper84 Sutton United
Manchester City 183168 v Jay spearing Crystal Palace
Ipswich Town THKSFIGHT v Team paulys_dreamteam Everton
Bristol Rovers Ultimate AGFC v AREIRTE HELLAS Millwall

There are some interesting-looking matchups there, but one in particular may generate more comments than most as Team stallexpress (Arsenal) faces Team DavidBrian (Coventry City) in the battle of the bloggers.

Round-4 will take place in blank-laden GW-30, which runs from FRIDAY March 18th to the 20th. The turnaround from GW-29’s last match Thursday to GW-30’s first match Friday is super short, so the barn door will close earlier than usual, at 01:00 GMT Friday (18:00 PDT on Thursday).

Therefore, you should start planning now. Americans who just shifted to daylight savings time should beware of the temporarily narrower time difference to England (and Europe for this week’s fantasy UCL too).

In a change from the recent string of DGWs, this week features only eight teams. So will the cup survivors sacrifice precious discounts going all-in on short-term cup advantage? Or will they carry a zero or two for longer term production in the season’s final eight weeks (which is up to 12 matches for some clubs)? This could decide a few of the ties!


Did you take part in Round-3? If so, how did you fare? If you made it into Round-4, let’s hear from you about your chances. And which of you who were eliminated earlier would’a could’a should’a beaten most of this week’s winners? Please log in and share in the comments. I predict that editor Jeff won’t be whining despite his prediction last time round, having somehow managed to win his Round-3 match quite comfortably!