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Rate My FPL and Fantrax Teams: GW-31

My teams are a mess, so I’m trying salvage what I can at this point in the season. Care to help?

Christian Pulisic - Chelsea FC - Premier League
I’m not suggesting Christian Pulisic this week, but I am excited that the USA men are back in the World Cup!
Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

International breaks can be tough, but this one at least had the upside of the USA qualifying for the World Cup (‘Merica!!). My condolences to you if your home country wasn’t as fortunate (been there, done that).

I’m hoping that good times will continue to roll for me right through this game-week. Here’s how I’m set up; let me know what you think.


That sigh you hear is me reviewing my GW-30 FPL team. It’s a mess. A wreck. A disaster. Had I been drinking? (Odds are good!)

I set up for that week by using three transfers to bring in Son, Kane and Eriksen. I also had some Gunners playing, as well as a few other players I strategically added over previous weeks to build a what I thought we be a solid squad.

Well... that didn’t turn out well: Ramsdale, Raphinha, and Eriksen all failed to feature. Captaining Kane salvaged the week, but only barely.

What’s worse is that my GW-30 squad didn’t look so hot for GW-31 either.

I felt like I needed to bring Salah back in, but he is pricey. To free up funds I brought in double-gamer Josh Brownhill in place of Coutinho and replaced Son with Salah. Salah has the captain’s armband again this week, though I am tempted to give it Kane.

Not really sure where to go from here. That sound you hear is me sighing again.


My GW-30 Fantrax team also was a disappointment. I had a few big numbers but they were offset by red cards and blanks. Just a tough week.

I’ve got some tinkering to do for sure, but this is my starting point for the week.

I definitely want some double-gamers. But Man City and Liverpool have great matchups too, and although I have Salah, at the moment there are no Citizens in my squad. That makes me nervous, so I’m contemplating dropping Gray and perhaps even a discount-priced Coutinho to make room.

To summarize: I’m floundering right now. The confidence is gone. I’m chasing points and players. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes, and guide me towards better returns. All suggestions welcome, and good luck to you!