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Rate My GW-33 FPL and Fantrax Teams

How is it already GW-33!? Not much time to move up (or down) the fantasy tables!

Southampton v Chelsea - Premier League
JWP is a consistent threat and as close to sure thing to start as there is.
Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Fantasy sports should be fun. I told myself that once it stopped being enjoyable I would stop playing. That was put to the test last week, but I’ve passed the test (barely) and I’m back again for week 33.

I’ve made the decision not to repost my week-32 teams, as they are the same teams from week 31. Sometimes life gets in the way of fantasy sports. While in past years a missed transfer deadline would have ruined my weekend (I left the ruining of the weekend to Arsenal’s performance), this time I was simply thankful for an Everton shutout.

So we are on to week 33 and major changes.


Since I didn’t use a transfer last week, I had one extra this week. I brought in Bruno and JWP, and I’m pretty happy with those two picks. Salah and Willock were the make-weights. I’ve got eight potential double players, plus Kane, Eriksen, and TAA. I’m pretty happy with this.

But... I still have my triple captain and bench boost chips, and I’m running out of opportunities to use them. I’ve played these wrong this year, so I’m considering using two more transfers and playing my bench boost. I need to make up ground and I’m running out of time. Adding seven matches to my gameweek wouldn’t hurt.

Alternatively, I’m also looking at triple-captaining Bruno, with the hopes of a big game against Norwich and a few additional points against Liverpool. What do you think?

Fantrax XI

Week 32 was pretty much a waste, so I’ve brought in a completely new team. I’m going with all double-gamers, and I think I’m going to be tinkering some more too (which hasn’t really worked out this season, but I just can’t stop myself).

I’ve gone with set-piece takers in the midfield. I’m considering looking at ways to bring in Saka over Martinelli, but I’d have to make deeper cuts in places I’m already cutting corners.

Up front I’m just being hopeful. Oh, I guess I’m doing the same across the back too... Maybe I need to start over!

At least there’s time, and whatever happens I know I’m sticking with Maddison and JWP.

Fantrax - 17

My Fantrax 17 team has been my best-performing team this year.

The two players with one match are Eriksen and Kulusevski, who I have on the cheap and are producing. I don’t love the Leicester backs, as I really am not sure they are going to play both. So I’m looking at other options. Otherwise, I like the chances of this team to pick up some points. I’ve got lots of set-piece takers, which we know can build up fantasy points even when kept off the scoreboard.

Suggestions always welcome in the comments below! Good luck!


Should I use two FPL transfers and my bench boost chip?

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  • 38%
    Yes. You’re running out of time.
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  • 61%
    No. Not worth it with options you’d have.
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GW-33 Triple Captain:

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  • 69%
    Don’t do it.
    (16 votes)
  • 21%
    (5 votes)
  • 4%
    (1 vote)
  • 4%
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