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Fantrax EPL DGW-34 Player Picks

Another mini double

Timo Werner - Chelsea - Premier League
Werner is suddenly scoring — Can he keep it up?
Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

GW-33 is fading into our rear-view mirror after Burnley spanked Southampton 2-0 today to bring the relegation scrum within one little point of Everton.

All players below are at F-11 pre-update prices, but several are likely to move significantly in about five hours, so YMMV.

GW-34 comprises a DGW for Chelsea and Man United plus singles for everyone else. Neither double-week team has been in good form lately, but it’s still a double, so there has to be some value to be found. My picks include some single-gamers, based entirely on price.

Picking DGW-33 players who’d actually play twice was tricky — and again in DGW-34, rotation worries me a bit with both Chelsea and United, which is a further justification for including single-gamers.

Further rotation is likely with Liverpool and Man City, each against appealing opposition with Champions’ League matches looming. Of course, this might lead to a few tempting cheap options, Zinchenko and Tsimikas for example, but these are better bets in F-17 where you can better afford to gamble.

The good news is that the early game, Saturday lunchtime, features one of our DGW teams, with Arsenal hosting Man United, so we should see those two lineups confirmed before our deadline. The bad news is that it is United has been difficult to mine for fantasy value. At least we’ll know whether Ronaldo is back from compassionate leave.


Edouard Mendy (CHE vs WHU, MUN vs CHE $14.44)

He is expensive (although likely to dip) and has had two big negative scores in his last three games, but surely Chelsea will bounce back somewhat. A home game against West Ham focused on Europe doesn’t harm his chances, and anything is possible in the United game. I fancy him to score well over the double.


Martin Dubravka (NOR vs NEW $9.38)

If you don’t want to pay so much, Dubravka has been earning well recently, and he has a game against Norwich — albeit away from home where Newcastle hasn’t been quite so good. I have a concern that Newcastle might relax having reached safety, while Norwich is still fighting. Even so, I see plenty of points for Dubravka.


Reece James (CHE vs WHU, MUN vs CHE $9.46)

James is still being eased back after injury, so he might not play all of both games, and hopefully not as part of a back three again. He can score heavily, and with two chances I am keen on him this week.


Marcus Alonso (CHE vs WHU, MUN vs CHE $10.99)

Alonso has been scoring well, and much of the same applies to him as I’ve written for James.


Alex Telles (ARS vs MUN, MUN vs CHE $5.61)

United’s fullbacks have been rotating, so he’s far from guaranteed to play twice, even with Luke Shaw still missing. But it might be his turn to get two matches.


Harry Maguire (ARS vs MUN, MUN vs CHE $5.61)

If you’re desperate to get a double-gamer in, he is the most likely to play twice from United. I’m not making this pick with any degree of confidence though.


James Justin (LEI vs AVL $2.30)

He missed the midweek game, so he looks likely to be back this weekend and should comfortably outscore his price. He’s a starting enabler — YMMV.


Mason Mount (CHE vs WHU, MUN vs CHE $15.82)

Recently he’s been interspersing big scores with low scores, but with two games to come, he offers big possibilities. Available as a midfielder or forward in Fantrax.


Kai Havertz (CHE vs WHU, MUN vs CHE $7.57)

Another player who has started mixing good and bad scores but still likely to play a large part of both games. He’s also available as a midfielder or forward in Fantrax.


Bruno Fernandes (ARS vs MUN, MUN vs CHE $16.25)

He normally scores consistently and occasionally big, so his zero points against Liverpool is a concern. He scored well against Arsenal earlier in the season so if you’re going to pay this much for him you’ll be hoping for a repeat of that.


Jadon Sancho (ARS vs MUN, MUN vs CHE $5.90)

He’s much riskier than Fernandes, but then he does cost a LOT less.


Bruno Guimarães (NOR vs NEW $2.91)

He’s on a great run of form and was one of the stand-out performers in DGW-33. Now he plays Norwich.


Christian Eriksen (BRE vs TOT $3.14)

He doesn’t have an easy game, but has been tallied good phantom points against everyone. You may hold him for even less, but he’s still very cheap.


Dejan Kulusevski (BRE vs TOT $5.58)

I like the Spurs’ attack this week despite their very disappointing stats last week, and the Swede is by far the cheapest option there.


Timo Werner (CHE vs WHU, MUN vs CHE $3.94)

He has suddenly found his scoring touch, three goals in the last two games, having managed only one more all season before that. Forwards can be streaky, so he’s worth jumping on now, especially when he should play twice.


Cristiano Ronaldo (ARS vs MUN, MUN vs CHE $12.11)

We will know whether he’s back from his personal problems, and if he is, he’s hard to ignore. He has posted two 39’s in his past three game-weeks!

How many double-game players will you go for? Are you worried about Liverpool and City rotation? Who have I missed? Let us know in the comments.