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Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL DGW-36

In the last mile. Advice welcome!

Richarlison - Everton - Premier League
Is Richarlison worth considering after his recent winner?
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

It really is crunch time, and there’s plenty to play for both in the EPL and across fantasy football! I am scratching my head currently, so your advice is much appreciated!

Official FPL

Please note this is a draft team. I still have a Free Hit, Wildcard and Bench Boost to play so the main conundrum is whether I Free Hit or Wildcard this week? The above is a proposal of a Free Hit.

Fantrax NMA-11

Stocking up on double Gameers, but I have plenty of money for upgrades.

Fantrax NMA-17

This is just a placeholder with plenty of room for tweaking. I’m keen to see what differentials I can bring in as I’m chasing!


What changes would you make to my sides? What big decisions are you faced with? Please join me in the comments!