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Fantrax EPL 2022-23 Mini-Leagues Are Open!

Join now!

Four players challenge to head a soccer ball - Premier League
You must really use your head in this fantasy format!
Photo by MARTIN KEEP/AFP /AFP via Getty Images

NMA’s Fantrax EPL leagues for the 2022-23 season have been cloned and are open for business. If you had a team in either or both of NMA-11 and/or NMA-17 last year, then you should already be cloned into the same league(s) this year... But no players carry over; you’ll need to draft from scratch.

If you didn’t have a Fantrax team last season (or had one and are ready to try both), then you’ll need to take a step or two to join. Firstly, if you’ve never registered at Fantrax, do so here:

Then use these links to join either or both of our leagues that you’re not already in:

Now draft your team(s) before our August 5 deadline. To help you, commissioner Jeff has published a comprehensive how-to Fantrax guide for both the NMA-11 and NMA-17 leagues, and of course we’ll write player-picks articles every game-week all season long. So join now and start enjoying the fun of shopping!

For those not familiar: Fantrax is a fabulously customizable fantasy sports platform that NMA staff have honed over the last few years seeking to recreate the lost-but-not-forgotten Yahoo Fantasy EPL game. It uses a more comprehensive scoring system than Official FPL, crediting a wide variety of action at both ends of the pitch, not just clean-sheets and goal-involvements. In fact, there are over 50 ways for your players to earn points — or lose them!

Fantrax also allows unlimited transfers each week. However, with a more volatile player-pricing system, you can still find yourself constrained (“priced in”) — You may end up “paying” for using lots of transfers, but in a different way!


If you want to know more before joining, just ask in the comments below; our staff and regulars will be happy to tell you all about it.

And don’t forget our FPL mini-leagues are open too!