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Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW3

Why won’t the players just do as they are told?

Alex Ferguson after match vs Norwich November 1986 Photo by Peter Case/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Humiliated, downtrodden and left in the gutter. That’s how I feel right now, especially with FPL. My captain picks managed to avoid my best-scoring (or even good-scoring) player each week. My expensive Liverpool players have been underwhelming, and even adding Jesus and Haaland did nothing in GW-2 as I captained the low-scoring Norseman while Arsenal’s Jesus earned me a modest number of points. From this week onward, I am on the up and up. You heard it here first!

Official FPL

Rank: 3000 out of 3022 — Lisandro Martinez earned negative points and Wilson did little. I look at my team and can’t see many weaknesses on paper. Sadly, football is not played on paper, and every change I’ve made seems to push me further away from the right answer.

However, the tide has to change, and the low point is now. Cucurella comes into my team from the bench this week. My Newcastle boys move to the bench ahead of Manchester City’s arrival, and I am scouring the transfer lists for replacements for Lisandro Martinez.

Fantrax NMA-11

No changes here yet this week, so this is what I’m rocking. Now, if I’m honest, I joined the NMA-11 league only in GW-2 so I’ve missed a week. My original focus was on the NMA-17 so we will see what happens here as the season goes on.

I’ll definitely be swapping out Wilson and Martinez this week and may see what the deadline discussion brings.

Fantrax NMA-17

This is it, this is the one I really want. It’s the fantasy league of dreams. Above is my GW-2 score with $1-man Henderson continuing his amazing form in goal. That pairing with Ederson will now not change most of the year.

My Newcastle contingent will be gone this week due to their daunting fixture against Man City. Coutinho, Nunez (3-week suspension) and Erikson will be gone too. Some big moves and shakes ahead. Currently “Mannderlecht” sits 34th in the league out of roughly 150, and I’m looking for top 20 at the end of the week.


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What changes would you make to my sides? What big decisions are you faced with? Am I in danger of finishing bottom in FPL? Please, send help!