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NMA’s 2022-23 Champions League UCL Mini-League is Open!

With the EPL now underway and all eyes on the World Cup, you may have forgotten about the Champions League. Well don’t worry, because we haven’t!

Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League final
Which European giant will win the trophy this season?
Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

UCL Fantasy is up and running again for the upcoming season, so go ahead and start picking your squads!

NMA will begin releasing UCL fantasy content just ahead of MD-1, which kicks off on 6 September. Until then, you can browse the rules and set up your team by visiting the UCL fantasy platform.

And of course, NMA’s mini-league is already waiting for you:

  • League: Never Manage Alone
  • Code: 64PTCTZG01

Please note that you must create and finalize a team before you can join leagues.

Be sure to hop in with us before kickoff!