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Rate MyTeams: FPL and Fantrax EPL GW-1

The EPL is back! Check out PPQ’s plans for his GW-1 fantasy squads!

Gabriel Jesus celebrates with Bukayo Saka - Arsenal - Premier League
We are so happy that EPL is back!
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

It’s the first week of the new campaign, and I’m still full of hope and excitement about the upcoming season!

We tend to obsess over the opening game week since we have all summer to prepare for it, but really it’s just a week like any other. So here’s a friendly reminder: Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Speaking of obsessing over GW-1, below are the squads I’ve been ignoring my family to assemble ahead of this weekend.


This team has been weeks in the making and has gone through many iterations. But, I think I’m feeling settled now... at least until I’m not.

The first dilemma was where to spend the big bucks. I was on Son for quite a while, but with Liverpool’s starting fixtures and the fact that Mo Salah is... well, Mo Salah, I opted to go with the Egyptian and make him my GW-1 captain.

Next, I plumped for an expensive back line. Defense historically delivers more bang for our bucks, so I think spending a little extra here will pay off as the season goes. Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joao Cancelo offer potential for points at both ends of the pitch, so after Mo they were the next two in my squad. Indeed, these two feel like must-haves. I also added Reese James, who when healthy can be just as dangerous as TAA and Cancelo. To fill out my defense, I’ve added cheap options in Ben White and Neco Williams, who should both see consistent playing time and have some potential for points. I’m pretty happy with this set of defenders.

Behind them I’m going with Ederson in goal. He’s an expensive premium option, but I think he will be the Golden Gloves winner this season. I did consider Alisson, but with Mo and TAA already in the lineup, he’d prevent me from picking a third Liverpool outfielder.

Beyond that I tried to spread the wealth, going with four players at 8.0, as opposed to going cheap in some places to pick up another big name. This can be a bit risky (every choice has risk), but I’m banking on some of these players stepping up and delivering. And if I don’t have the right £8 punts in GW-1, I’ll begin to pivot as stars emerge.

In the midfield, I brought in attacking players Bukayo Saka and Luis Diaz, both of whom are difference-makers on their teams. I also added Bruno Guimaraes as a mid-price option (£6.0) who also should see a lot of the ball on a much-improved Newcastle squad. Finally, Leon Bailey rounds out the midfield as a hopeful but inexpensive option at £5.0.

Up front I’m leading with Gabriel Jesus (isn’t everyone?) and Kai Havertz. I admit there’s some risk here. I’m betting on Jesus to be Arsenal FC’s main source of goals this season, with Saka serving as provider for a bunch of them. Havertz also seems poised for a much-improved season, and I think he’ll be worth the £8.0 I’m spending on him. Odsonne Edouard rounds out my team. He’s merely a solid back-up for now, but with room to drop him and use the extra money elsewhere.

I’m not totally unhappy with this team. However.... I’m starting off with no Manchester City or Tottenham attackers, which gives me serious pause. But choices have to be made and perhaps re-made. I still have some time to tinker, so please share suggestions — I’m all ears!

Fantrax NMA-11

This team has been all over the place, and I’m honestly not sure I’m done yet. But... I’m feeling okay at this particular moment. Ask me again in five minutes though.

Let’s start in the back, where a total investment of only about $11 buys me Chilwell, Doherty, and Trippier who are three quality players who get forward to earn extra points. I’m a little worried about pitch time, especially for Chilwell. But assuming they play, I’m really pleased here.

Let’s skip the midfield for now and focus on my forwards. The cheap back line has allowed me to pick two premium forwards. Mo Salah was my top priority, and I picked his inexpensive teammate Luis Diaz as well. I love this combo for potential big points, especially against newcomers Fulham FC. I really wanted Son, but I’ll settle for Harry Kane against Southampton, and that extra little bit of savings helps in other places (but I’m still looking at other ways to fit in Son).

My midfield is less certain. I’ve started with Kane’s attacking partner, Dejan Kulusevski. Last season he was a key cog in the Tottenham’s attack machine, and he won’t be threatened by a suspended Richarlison this week, so I’m pretty sure he stays. I shelled out good money on Kevin De Bruyne, and that’s usually a wise decision, but he is pricey and that makes other decisions are harder. There’s a chance I change him out for Saka or Mount, but so far I haven’t found a way to turn that savings into major upgrades elsewhere. Besides, I’m always kind of nervous when I don’t own KDB.

Gabriel Martinelli is next, but there are lots of alternatives, including Arsenal teammate Martin Odegaard and former fantasy crush Jack Grealish. I’m stuck with precious little cash for my final mid at this moment, which means I’m on Jesse Lingard, whose transfer may breath new life into him.

Now, about my keeper, Illan Meslier. Quality options at this position are SO expensive, and you can see I’ve blown a lot of budget on attackers. Leeds opens with a home game against Wolves, who didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard last season. I think Leeds will be better-organized this season, and Meslier is a solid shot stopper, so I’m crossing my fingers here. But I’m also continuing to evaluate other options.

Fantrax NMA-17

As you can see, I went with a similar strategy and team as my Fantrax-11 team. I’ve added Grealish and Haaland, plus a back-up keeper. I think there could be some more tinkering here though. Plus there are the $1 men to think about — They’re available this week only (until after Christmas anyway), so I might liberate some budget that way.


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What do you think of my plans? Log in and let me know in the comments, and let us rate your GW-1 teams too!



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