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UCL MD-6 - Rate My Team

It’s the last round of the group stage — Get ready!

Achraf Hakimi - Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League
Hakimi and PSG still have something to play for!
Photo by Franco Arland/Getty Images

How it’s going...

Overall, I’m still mostly not sad with how I’m doing. I dropped in my bigger leagues but remain top in two extremely prestigious leagues.

This round is tough, as decided teams (those definitely in or definitely out) will rest many players. I have yet to use a chip, and I have yet to sacrifice any points on extra transfers. But I have work to do.

Match Day 5

72 points isn’t bad. I brought in Hakimi and Rodrygo for Vinny Junior and David Carmo.

I should have brought in a keeper, as both of mine were rested. Mbappe wasn’t a bad captain’s choice, but English midfielders Bellingham and Saka each had fantastic games, as did Joao Cancelo.

All in all, it could’ve been better, but definitely could have been worse.

Match Day 6

I’m waiting until I see lineups before making my final transfer decisions.

Saka will most likely sit out. That’s a lot of money to spend, so he’s the first to go (sadly) for the match day. I’m going with suggested Joao Mario in his place in a must win game.

I’m also looking at bringing in Thuram in an important game for Inter Milan. I’m going for it, and not playing it safe by bringing in an Arsenal keeper or a Wednesday keeper.

For now, I have Rodrygo with the Captain’s armband, but it could be Harry Kane. I’ve got Mbappe ready to go on Wednesday.

So how’s your team looking? And how does my team look? Feedback is always welcome.


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