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Rate My Teams: FPL & Fantrax EPL GW-22

Time to mix things up for this double!

Manchester City v Arsenal: Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round
Cancelo out, Ake in!
Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

After a short break to accommodate FA Cup and Carabao Cup action, the EPL returns with a mini-double. Leeds and Manchester United are the sides who feature twice.

Here are my FPL and Fantrax teams as I look to take on the right level of risk in order to optimize my rewards. Look them over and share your thoughts!

Official FPL

Cancelo, whom I carried through consecutive benchings recently, must now finally make way for Aké after the former was sent out on loan to Bayern after a fatal deterioration in his relationship with Pep.

Aké has been in-form and scored in the FA Cup win over Arsenal. This transaction leaves me with a whopping £7.7mil in the bank, so I’ve got the funds to make another prudent transfer if necessary, even though it would mean a hit.

As far as the armband is concerned, double-gamer Rashford seems like the most sensible option.

Fantrax NMA-11

Here I stocked up on Man U assets due to the double game-week. But I have plenty of funds in the bank here too, so upgrade suggestions are welcome!

Fantrax NMA-17

Similar to my NMA-11 side, I once again piled into Man Utd assets due to their double gameweek. I also backed Man City pretty heavily ahead of their upcoming double next week.

As it stands I don’t have that much left in the bank, but Mendy won’t play so he could be liquidated for upgrade-enabling cash. Tell me what you think I should do!


Whom should I captain in FPL? Should I take a hit? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!