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EPL GW-32 Rate My FPL Team

Look out: Four teams don’t play this week!


We’re nearing the end of the 2022-23 Premier League campaign, and boy, do we have great races unfolding for the title, top-four spots, and relegation survival The home stretch certainly promises to entertain!

But at the moment we must concentrate on the task immediately ahead. We have only 16 teams playing this week — Brighton, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United blanking — so some squad adjustments will surely be required.

Gameweek 31

Last week my team managed to click thanks to marvelous returns from Erling Haaland, Ollie Watkins and especially, Diego Dalot. Here’s how my screen looked at the end of the round.

Gameweek 32

Now things get a little tricky. Those FPL managers with either a Wild card or Free hit have a great opportunity to use them. However, managers who don’t have both of those chips available will have to decide whether to spend the one they have in blank GW32, or save it for double GW34.

Teams playing in BGW32: Arsenal Aston Villa Bournemouth Brentford Crystal Palace Everton Fulham Leeds Leicester Liverpool Newcastle Nottingham Forest Southampton Spurs West Ham Wolves

Teams with DGW34: Brighton Fulham Liverpool Man City Man Utd West Ham

Here’s what I’m working with this week.

I’ve been using free transfers to build toward BGW32 for weeks, and so I already have eight players from clubs with matches in this round, plus two free transfers still available. So I should be able to field 10 men who will feature in GW32 without having to play a chip.

Consequently, I think I’ll save my Free Hit for GW34, when teams with higher attacking potential are back on the menu, such as Brighton, Manchester City, and Manchester United. I’d rather use a chip to bring in studs from teams like that.


What do you think? Should I play my free hit now or GW34? And, since I have two transfers for this week, how do you think I should use them? Please sign in and let me know in the comments.