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NMA’s Fantrax EPL 2023-24 Leagues Are Open!

So many ways to earn points that even defensive midfielders can produce (sort of)

Fantrax logo screens
Heir to the lost Yahoo fantasy EPL game (tm)

The NMA-11 and NMA-17 Fantrax-EPL leagues are open for business.

Due to the high number of empty and abandoned teams last season, I rinsed the leagues clean (nobody was carried over).

Please join by (registering at Fantrax and) clicking on the links above. I encourage you to rename your team something clever and original, preferably not starting with the word “Team” (unless it’s very clever).

And while you’re at it, please join our fantasy league for the official FPL game too.


Points for the Fantrax leagues are almost unchanged from last season:

Clearances and Long Ball Accurate have been reduced to +0.5 each, which should shave a few points from prodigious keepers and defenders.

Dispossession has been reduced to -0.5, which should help strikers and other dribblers who tend to take more risks in attack.

I’ve added Clearances Off the Line as +3 points. They’re effectively saves by a non-keepers. The league leader last year has only four of them, so they are rare gems indeed.

I’ve also included minutes-played for zero points. I just like being able to see how many minutes each of my players got (and how many my prospective picks have been getting), and I expect many of you do to.


Please drop a note in the comments to let us know you’re on board. If you run into any problems, you may also ask for help there.