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Women’s World Cup - Final & Review

The WWC is done — All that’s left is for our fantasy points to show up

Olga Carmona - Spain v England: Final - FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023
Carmona scored the only goal of the match |
Photo by Will Murray/Getty Images

The 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia & New Zealand is complete. As expected, I suffered some surprises and learned some lessons:

  1. Predicted starters at Rotowire let me down. Four did not play at all (including both keepers!), and two made only late appearances. I’m taking a hit before round-2 to try to get 11 starters into my roster, but my bench will still be burning for at least another round.
  2. Either Japan is really good or else Zambia is weak. I am betting on a strong Spanish side against Zambia, especially since Spain will want to exceed Japan’s goal-difference. So in come two more Spanish players (Abelleira and Carmona) who produced in Round-1. This puts me at the max for Spain.
  3. Our fantasy format’s “wish-list” is a useful tool. I can load it up for free (no transfers or budget needed). This gives me a pool of players from which I can pull into my actual roster.
  4. The She-Plays teams lists show all points earned by the players from any one country. I am looking at target (strong) countries and filling my wish-list with prospects to be sorted later.

The deadline is a full hour before the next kickoff, so get your transfers and bench-sorting saved early. Good luck!


How did the final round treat you? What tips do you have for the She-Plays fantasy format? What questions do you have? Please login here at NMA and post in the comments below!