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EPL GW-1: Rate My FPL and Fantrax Teams

My title run begins....

Manchester City v Arsenal - The FA Community Shield
The 2023 - 2024 road to glory (or at least adequacy) is about to begin!
Photo by Paul Harding - The FA/The FA via Getty Images

My title tilt begins this week! I’m aiming for top positions across all fantasy leagues and formats!

Ok, ok, ok, I know that’s a bit ambitious, but it’s still the dream, and it all starts with a strong week one performance!

So, here are the initial drafts of my 2023- 2024 lineups! Thankfully I have time to make changes, so I look forward to receiving the wisdom of the NMA community — rate my teams!


To guide my early selections I’m primarily looking at fixture favorability. I’ve still got time to work on this, but for the most part this draft will be the backbone of the squad with which I’ll start the season.....maybe.

Let’s start with the biggest decision I’ve been grappling with. Erling Haaland vs Harry Kane vs both? I’ve played with all sorts of scenarios and right now I’m set to go with only Haaland. The draft where I have both guts my ability to fill other positions with quality players, but I admit that I’m still tinkering with pairing them anyway.

The reason I favor Haaland over Kane is that I like Manchester City’s matchups just a little better. (Also it is Haaland). In their first three games, City sandwich a fixture against Newcastle with two against newly promoted teams. I like those odds. Meanwhile, Spurs are @ Brentford then home to Man United. Assuming Kane stays, I’ll be looking at him again after that, if he hasn’t already found his way into my squad by then.

I’ve got three Gunners — Odegaard, Saka, and Ramsdale — and not just because I’m an Arsenal fan. I think they’ll challenge for the title again, and I like their first three games: home to Forest, @ Palace, then home to Fulham. Those are winnable games to start the season and there are points to be had.

I’ve maxed out on Brighton players as well, bringing in Estupian, Encisco, and Joao Pedro. Brighton assets had value last season and I’m jumping on cheap options early in the hopes that they work out well and allow me to spend money elsewhere throughout the season. BHA also start with cherry fixture against Luton.

The first player in my squad was Trippier. He seems worth the spend even at £6.5. When healthy Shaw is a top defender, and United open at home to Wolves (plus he was recommended here!). I chose two defenders for bench spots, starting with Botman, who is a steady value choice. And I’m rolling the dice that Matt Doherty will get back on set pieces like he was when he played at Wolves a few years ago. But among my defenders, only Trips is 100% certain to remain in my squad as I keep revising.

Bruno and Grealish round out my midfield. I think the £8.5 price tag on Bruno is a bargain. Grealish is a “for now” pick with a big upside and slightly less competition for pitch time right now. This could change and he’d be the first player out as I look at ways to bring in Kane.

Last (and maybe even least?), I’ve got DCL as a flier. For now...


Player selection for the first week of Fantrax can be challenging, with few quality players available at a discount to the league minimum price of $7.00. I know prices can change drastically over the next weeks, so I’m really focused as much as possible just on week one. Happily, the season opener is Man City vs Burnley, so we’re gifted a rare chance to defeat Pep roulette since City’s confirmed lineup will be available ahead of the Fantrax transfer deadline. I’ll surely make additional changes once I see what Pep is doing.

Steele is a very affordable option at $4.23, and Brighton has a good matchup vs Luton. So that’s a “thank you very much” for me.

James and Porro get forward a lot and may take some free kicks. They offer solid value and have the potential to go big. Stones played as a holding mid during the pre-season, so I think that enhances his value. I’m forecasting a rude welcome for Burnley when they return to the Prem this weekend.

I’m looking at bankable performers for my midfield. Each of my choices has a quality match ups and is capable of score Fantrax points in several different ways. Traore is the one question mark, but I think there’s points to be had even for him.

As expensive as he is, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave Haaland out. I’m hopeful Enciso can sustain his form from last season. Son is tempting me; it’s a gut as much as anything else, but the addition of James Maddison plus a new manager could mean a renewed Son. However, Son’s place could instead be awarded to Foden (or even Alvarez) if City’s lineup gives me that option.

Well, there you have it. I begin the season with high hopes! Share you ratings and suggestions below, and post your squads too! Good luck!


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