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Blog Cup

Fantrax managers don't just accumulate points throughout the season; we also use weekly point totals to adjudicate various cup formats! Come here to read articles on the latest format and its results.

NMA Blog Cup Round 1 Results

GW-6 saw round 1 of NMA’s Blog Cup — How did your team do?

The NMA Blog Cups 2021-22

We’ll have two NMA Cup competitions again this year

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: The Final!

170 teams entered — we’re down to the final two

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Semifinals Draw

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup Quarterfinal Results

The semifinalists are decided

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Quarterfinals Draw

We’re down to the last eight teams

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup Round 5 Results

Did you make the quarter-finals?

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Round 5 Draw

The sixteen remaining teams learn their opponents

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup Round 4 Results

16 teams are left - are you still there?

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup: Round 4 Draw

32 teams left to fight it out for Blog Cup honors

Fantrax NMA Blog Cup Round 3 results

32 teams make it through — Have you?

Fantrax NMA Cup Round 3 Draw

We’re down to the last 64 teams now — Is that you?

NMA Blog Cup: Round 2 Results

Who has made it through to the big round three?

NMA Blog Cup: Round 1 Results + Round 2 Draw

See if your team is still kicking, and who you will face next!

NMA Cup Qualifying Round 2 Results + Round 1 Draw

NMA Cup Qualifying: Round 1 Results + Round 2 Draw

NMA 2nd-Half Cup Qualification

Plus the draw for qualification round 1

The Second Blog Cup

A Fantrax-based tournament for the second half of the season

The NMA Blog Cup Crowns a Champion

We have a winner! How did you do?

NMA Blog Cup: Semifinal Results

The finalists are decided — are you in?

NMA Blog Cup: Quarter-final Results

90 teams are cut to 60 - have you made the semifinals?

NMA Blog Cup: Round Two Results

125 teams are cut down to 90 — did yours make it?

NMA Blog Cup: Round One Results

125 teams made it through. Was yours one of them?

Fantrax NMA-11 Blog Cup Begins Now!

It’s that time again — NMA’s 2020-21 Blog Cup is about to kick off!