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Blog Cup

Fantrax managers don't just accumulate points throughout the season; we also use weekly point totals to adjudicate various cup formats! Come here to read articles on the latest format and its results.

NMA-11 Cup - We have a winner!

The final is over. Who lifted the cup?

NMA-11 Cup: Semifinals Results

We now know which two teams will square off in the final!

NMA-11 Cup: Quarterfinals Results and Semifinals Draw

Huge points were on offer for those teams who picked right — Who made it through?

NMA-11 Cup: Round 5 Results and Quarterfinals Draw

We’re down to the last eight teams

NMA-11 Cup: Round 4 Results and Round 5 Draw

The competition heats up. leaving only 16 standing

NMA-11 Cup: Round 3 Results and Round 4 Draw

Have you made the last 32?

NMA-11 Cup: Round 2 Results and Round 3 Draw

The top teams enter the competition - does that include you?

NMA-11 Cup: Round 1 Results and Round 2 Draw

80 teams battled it out this week — were you there?

NMA-11 Cup: Qualifying Round Results and Round-1 Draw

The cup has started — are you in?

The Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Qualifying

Qualification is now complete for the second Fantrax cup of the year — Are you in?

NMA Blog Cup 2022 - We Have A Winner!

The blog’s first fantasy trophy of the season has been decided!

NMA Blog Cup 2022: Semifinal Results

The 20 finalists are decided. Are you in there?

NMA Blog Cup 2022: Quarterfinal Results

A tricky week with a blank - how well did you navigate it?

NMA Blog Cup 2022: Round 4 Results

48 teams make it to the quarterfinals — Are you still in?

Fantrax EPL GW-10 Blog Cup Player Picks

The action continues after European fixtures!

NMA Blog Cup 2022: Round 3 Results

We’re already down to 65 qualifying teams - Are you there?

NMA Blog Cup 2022: Round 2 Results

GW-6 saw 130 teams cut down to 90. Are you still in?

NMA Blog Cup 2022: Round 1 Results

GW-4 saw round 1 of NMA’s Blog Cup — Did you make it through?

The NMA Blog Cups 2022-23

It’s the third year I’ll be running the cups, with just a minor tweak this year.

NMA’s Compleat Guide to Fantrax EPL

Whether you’re an old salt or a new hand, NMA has you covered.

Fantrax EPL NMA-11 Cup: The Final

156 teams entered but there’s only one winner!

Fantrax EPL NMA-11 Cup: Semifinals Results and Final Preview

The finalists have been determined!

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Quarterfinals Results and Semifinals Draw

The competition tightens up further - only four teams remain now

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Round-5 Results and Quarterfinals Draw

The last 16 teams fight it out — who made it through?

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Round-4 Results and Round-5 Draw

Only four Premier League games were played, but 16 NMA teams left the competition!

EPL GW-30: How Did You Do?

We’ve turned the page on Round 30. How’d things go for you?

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Round-3 Results and Round-4 Draw

There are only 32 teams left in the competition

Fantrax NMA-11 Cup: Round-2 Results and Round-3 Draw

The final 64 teams are decided!

NMA-11 Cup - Round-1 Results and Round-2 Draw

The competition is starting to heat up - were you involved?

NMA-11 Cup - Qualifying Round Results and Round-1 Draw

GW-22 saw the ‘non-league’ teams battle it out

The NMA-11 Cup Qualifying

Our second cup of the year will be starting soon — How have you qualified?

NMA Blog Cup 2021 - The winner is announced

20 teams qualified, but there’s only one winner!