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Fantasy Player Picks

A section containing columns dedicated specifically to helping fantasy managers pick players for the upcoming match week.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: MD-1 Player Picks

Looking for the best fantasy picks for World cup MD-1? Well here they are.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Group E Preview

Recent champions Spain and Germany are joined by Japan and Costa Rica. Which players should take our fantasy focus?

EPL GW-16 Rate My FPL and Fantrax Teams

Another week of ups and downs leads into another week of maybes.

EPL GW-16: Best FPL Differentials

Our last differential picks before the World Cup!

EPL GW-16 Fantrax Player Picks

It’s your last chance to move up the ranks before Christmas!

EPL GW-16 FPL Player Picks

Our final set of picks before players head to the World Cup!

EPL GW-15 Fantrax Player Picks

Tough matchups make for tough choices.

Best EPL GW-15 Differentials 

Time to leapfrog your FPL rivals with different picks!

EPL GW-15 FPL Player Picks

Is a doubtful Haaland worth the risk this week?

UCL MD-6 Rate My Team: Limitless Chip Edition

With a thorny matchday restricting my theoretically unlimited options, have I picked the right players?

UCL MD-6 Player Picks

Mind scrambled by rotation? Here are the players who should be on your shortlist for Fantasy UCL MD-6

Fantrax EPL GW-14 Player Picks

The EPL continues to surprise and entertain! Here’s a look at some ideas for your Fantrax team(s).

Best EPL GW-14 FPL Differentials

Looking for a player to give you the edge over your rivals? Here are a few for you!

EPL GW-14 FPL Player Picks

Plenty of low-ownership options on offer!

UCL MD-5 Player Picks

MD-5 is just around the corner. Want to know the top picks for the week?

Fantrax EPL GW-13 Player Picks

Back to normal business after a small blank week!

EPL GW-13 FPL Player Picks

We have yet another Premier League game-week coming your way!

Best EPL GW-12 FPL Differentials

Looking for some different options? I know I am.

EPL GW-12 Fantrax Player Picks

No Haaland or Saka to be seen!

EPL GW-12 FPL Player Picks

It’s a blank gameweek for Arsenal and Manchester City!

EPL GW-11 Fantrax Player Picks

Week 11 brings more intriguing matchups and more choices to make!

EPL GW-11: Best FPL Differentials

Looking for differential options? Step inside.

EPL GW-11 FPL Player Picks

FRIDAY Deadline!

UCL MD-4 Fantasy Player Picks

Differential picks and a wildcard squad for less than €100 million!

Fantrax EPL GW-10 Blog Cup Player Picks

The action continues after European fixtures!

EPL GW10 FPL Player Picks

Check out a few players who could bring handsome returns in Round 10!

EPL GW-10: Best FPL Differentials

What little-picked gem could help you this week?

Fantasy UCL MD-3 Player Picks

The MD-3 deadline is just two days away. Here is some food for thought!

EPL GW-9: Best FPL Differentials

Handy options for those who are chasing ground!

EPL GW-9 Fantrax Player Picks

At last we can pick our fantasy teams again - there’s so much choice

EPL GW-9 FPL Player Picks

Is this the time to make use of your wildcard?

EPL GW-8: Best FPL Differentials

Looking for a niche player that could set you apart from the pack? Check out a few options for this week!