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World Cup

Everything you want to know about the current/upcoming World Cup and its fantasy games

Help Wanted: Join NMA’s Writing Team!

Looking for a fun side hustle? Inquire within!

FIFA Women’s World Cup: Fantasy League Wrap-up

The final results are in, and our fantasy leagues are ranked

FIFA Women’s World Cup: Final Fantasy Transfer Window

We now have just three free transfers to replace the half of all players just knocked out (and our choices must serve for two games)

FIFA Women’s World Cup Quarter Finals: No More Soft Targets

From here on out, the edges are small, and the risks are high

FIFA Women’s World Cup: Knockout Rounds

Group play is complete, brackets are filled, and fantasy has a sweeping transfer window.

Women’s World Cup: 2nd Transfer Window

How are our fantasy (and national) teams doing?

Women’s World Cup: 1st Transfer Window

Round 1 of pool play is about to wrap, and round 2 will begin within hours. Fantasy managers should act quickly to not miss the free transfer window!

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Kicks Off

And I’ve found one points-based fantasy format (so far)

Congratulations to NMA’s Fantasy EPL League Winners!

The points have been tallied and the results are in. Join us as we crown the best fantasy managers in NMA’s leagues!

World Cup Impact for Premier League Players in 2018-19 Fantasy

The World Cup showcased a veritable plethora of Premier League stars. Which players are primed for a great 2018-19 season following wonderful performances for their national sides? Who have seen their stock fall after disappointing in the summer?

Congratulations to the World Cup Fantasy NMA League Winners!

It was a crazy World Cup, leaving fantasy dominance difficult to come by. Congratulations to those who rose to the challenge and won the NMA leagues, and well played to everybody who joined in the fun!

2018 FIFA World Cup Finals Round: 3rd Place & Championship Games Live Chat Sat / Sun

This World Cup has been an absolute blast. Let’s keep the fun going for the final weekend!

2018 FIFA World Cup: Finals Pre-Deadline Chat

England and Belgium is the final we wanted, but instead we get France and Croatia. Oh well! I’m going to pretend that Argentina beat France in the Round of 16 and have made it to the finals for a rematch against Croatia. England fans, I invite you to do the same and pretend you’re playing France on Sunday! It’s pretty to think so.

2018 FIFA McDonald’s World Cup Russia: Finals Player Picks 

Two games left for glory!

2018 Dream Team World Cup: Finals Players Picks

Check out my list of suggestions for the final round of the Dream Team World Cup fantasy game.

2018 FIFA World Cup: Tuesday / Wednesday Semifinals Live Chat

The final four are in: Belgium, France, Croatia and, yup, England!

2018 FIFA World Cup: Semifinals Pre-Deadline Chat

Avengers? Cinderella? Are we in the right place? Let’s get you ready for the semifinal round.

2018 McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy: Semifinals Player Picks

There are only four teams left, so your choices are limited. Which players are the best bets, and what approach should you take to get the most out of these two games?

2018 World Cup Dream Team Fantasy: Semifinals Player Picks

Another round, another powerhouse gone. Now there are only four teams left, so how can you get the most points from the quartet of games on the horizon?

2018 FIFA World Cup: Quarterfinals Friday / Saturday Live Chat

Eight teams will play; only four will progress

2018 McDonald’s FIFA World Cup: Quarterfinals Player Picks

Half of the teams that survived the Group Stage are gone now, and your fantasy squad probably needs a little work. NMA has you covered.

2018 World Cup Dream Team Fantasy: Quarterfinals Player Picks

After a wild and woolly group stage, the knockout stage started off with plenty more craziness. Whether things are calm or off the rails in your fantasy teams, what changes should you think about making ahead of the quarterfinals?

2018 FIFA World Cup: Round of 16 Monday/Tuesday Live Chat

Four golden tickets remain, who wants to stay?

2018 FIFA World Cup: Round of 16 Saturday/Sunday Live Chat

Do or Die, Win or go home... Whichever cliche you choose, it’s going to be a great weekend!

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: Round of 16 Pre-Deadline Chat

The transition from the group stage to the knockout rounds marks a crucial time for readjusting your fantasy teams. What decisions are you still pondering before the Round of 16 begins?

2018 McDonald’s FIFA World Cup Fantasy: Round of 16 Player Picks

With only 16 teams left, who are the expensive, mid-priced and affordable options for your fantasy team? The competition to be the best is going to be insane!

2018 FIFA World Cup: How Did You Do in the Group Stage?

The World Cup Group Stage is over. My fantasy teams did even worse than Panama. How did your sides fare?

2018 Dream Team World Cup Fantasy: Round of 16 Player Picks

While much has gone to form in the group stage, there’s been plenty of upheaval, so it’s time to reassess our fantasy teams as the knockout stage begins. How many transfers do you have left and how should you be looking to use some of them?

2018 FIFA World Cup Days 12 & 13: Monday / Tuesday Live Chat

After an exciting first two rounds of games, we enter the home stretch of the group stage. How are things going to shake out in groups A through D? Let’s find out!

2018 World Cup Fantasy: Transfers to Make Between Rounds 2 & 3 of the Group Stage

My best transfer ideas ahead of Round 3 of the Group Stages

2018 FIFA World Cup: Day 10 & 11 Saturday/Sunday Live Chat

With six games on deck, is it goodbye Germany or hello hello hello Senegal?

2018 FIFA World Cup Day 9: Friday Live Chat

Brazil headlines a fun Friday as we hit the midpoint of the group stage. Will the upsets continue, or can the favorites get a grip on things?