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Looking Back

A section dedicated to reviewing what happened over a match week or major chunk of the season.

EPL GW-1: How Did You Do?

The opening week of the 2021-22 campaign is in the books. How did you fare?

Looking Back: Staff Predictions 2020-21

Let’s step into the time machine! Batteries are set, time is fixed on August 2020, protective gear is strapped on and seat belts are locked for a trip back to the NMA staff predictions for the 2020-21 season.

EURO 2020 Wrap Up

One of the most entertaining and competitive tournaments has come to an end. Italy won for its second time only to prolong England’s long wait for triumph.

The EPL’s Most Disappointing S-11 of 2020-21

We take a look at the EPL stars who failed to live up to our expectations.

UCL 2020-21 Wrap Up

EPL Wrap Up in Numbers

Statistics speak louder than words, so join me to discover what they say about the EPL 2020-21 season!

AGUEROOOOO!!  Where Were YOU For His Legendary Goal!?

On Saturday EPL superstar and fantasy stud Sergio Aguero will put on a Manchester City shirt for the last time. For all his goals and success, THIS GOAL stands above them all. Where were YOU for this iconic moment!?

UCL Finalist: Chelsea — Champions or Underdogs?

The most anticipated game of the season, the UEFA Champions League Final, is just 10 days away. Finalist Chelsea is looking forward to another dramatic UCL final.

UCL Finalist: Manchester City- Destined for Greatness?

The most anticipated game of the season, the UEFA Champions League Final, is just over two weeks away. Finalist Manchester City is gunning for its first-ever Champions League trophy.

NMA Random Thoughts, May Edition

Here is what is swarming about in my mind is this month! Join me and express your thoughts!

My FPL Experiment: Lessons Learned

Here are the five most important lessons I learned from a crazy year in FPL

EPL GW-29: How Did You Do?

Another tough week is done and dusted. Let’s see how it went!

EPL GW-28: How Did You Do?

GW-28 is in the books (thank God). Let’s assess the carnage.

EPL GW 23: How Did You Do?

On a scale of Man City to Liverpool - how did you fair in game-week 23?

Staff Picks: The Worst January 2020 Transfer

So far there have been no blockbuster moves to report from this January transfer window, so let’s continue our retrospective look at last year’s. This time we focus on the failures.

Staff Picks: The Best January 2020 Transfer Who Wasn’t Named Bruno Fernandes

English Premier League Game-Week 17: How Did You Do?

A break in the action means we have time for a check-up. How did your squads perform in GW-17?

Rate My Team: FPL Game-week 13

Step inside as I review my GW-12 results and look ahead to GW-13.

Lessons Learned From The First Three Champions League Matchdays

Let’s take a brief look at what this season’s UCL Fantasy has taught us in terms of strategy as well some general lessons to keep in mind for the season ahead.

A Trip Around the League: Handball!

Life’s a penalty because VAR caught you with your hand in the cookie jar!

EPL Summer Transfer Winners and Losers

The summer transfer window is closed. Let’s have a look at those who have failed or improved their squad.

Five Questions After The First Three Game-weeks

We have witnessed 98 goals so far, but there are questions that need to be answered.

EPL GW 1: How Did You Do?

Did you benefit from the 7-goal thriller at Anfield? Or were you left licking your wounds after an eventful game-week?

Looking Back: Staff Predictions 2019-20

Last summer our staff peered into their crystal balls for predictions about the upcoming season. Now let’s look back through the retrospectoscope to see how well we read the tea leaves.

Fantasy English Premier League 2019-20: How Did You Do?

Never Manage Alone’s fantasy leagues are chock-full of expert managers. Now that the season has come to an end, it’s time to recognize the best among us.

FPL Game Week 30: How Did You Do?

An unprecedented FPL game week is now behind us. Did your fantasy decisions pay off?

NMA Reader Poll: Best EPL Center Back 2019-20

Reader Poll: Best EPL Fullback 2019-20

Times have changed in this specific position so here we take a look at those candidates who are the best in the business!

Reader Poll: Best EPL Goalkeeper 2019-20

The English Premier League is blessed with many top-shelf net-minders. But who is the best?

Where Do We Go From Here? What To Do With the EPL Season, Part 1.

The future of the 2019-20 season is up in the air. How will it play out (if it plays)? Are there lessons to be learned from the past?

Poll: Who Would Get Your Vote for PFA Player Of The Year?

League play has been suspended, so let’s take the opportunity to review the top candidates for this year’s PFA PotY award.

How Did You Do in EPL Game-Week 28?

Did you somehow manage to avoid the carnage, or do you need to join in the group hug following a brutal return for most fantasy managers?